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Snow White: The Original vs. Disney

In light of Poisoned Apple coming out, I wanted to explore the Snow White story. After all, my version is a contemporary romance that leans on the darker side of the emotional spectrum. Hilariously enough, darker and disturbed is closer to the original than the bright and cheery Disney version.

What I remember of the Disney Snow White:

Singing with birds in a high falsetto

Dwarves, now with musical accompaniment

The evil queen dressing as a warty old witch to trick Snow White into eating the apple

A lipsticked Prince Charming sweeping in at the end to kiss Snow White

Obviously, I’m missing a ton of details. While it follows the basic plot of the original, it’s the lite version.

In the original, blood is mentioned—a LOT. And each attempt to trick Snow White nearly kills her, like the laces making her pass out, the poisoned comb almost killing her, until finally the poisoned apple does her in. A note about the original–Prince Charming wants to take her home as his possession. Because keeping comatose women in boxes looks SO LOVELY in the trophy room.

The twisted ending involved the evil queen being forced to dance with red-hot iron shoes on until she combusts.

So cheery! However, the original is infinitely more badass.



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