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On a Different Note

I thought I’d do something neat for each of my novels/novellas by making boards for them on Pinterest. Mind you, I’m a Pinterest novice, but the idea occurred to me because when I write, a lot of times I’ll use pictures for detail and setting inspiration. Little known fact, but I feel my way through stories rather than visualize, so when I’m writing an unfamiliar or fantastical setting, I can only work in terms of immediacy–which doesn’t bode well for thorough and sensible description. So I use crutches, like most recently, this one for a section of the fairy realm, to help put myself there.

So, I made boards for each of my stories!

Soul Solution

Stolen Petals

An Airship Named Desire

By the Sea


Poisoned Apple

Check it out!


I split my time writing and working my day job as a massage therapist. If it’s a creative pursuit though, chances are I’ve dabbled in it. Hell, I’ve played around with soapmaking, beer brewing, cupcake baking, tea blending and everything else under the midday sun. At the end of the day, my constant is always reading, writing and editing. I’m an Aries-Taurus cusp–which to any astrology buffs should tell you plenty. I hit the East Coast convention circuit pretty hard and chances are, you can find me vending for Solstice Brews while simultaneously promoting my books.

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