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Beta-Reading Blitz

It’s beta-reading time for my urban fantasy, even though I just finished it.

Why you ask?

Well, I’m one of those weird kids that doesn’t obsessively edit before people look at it. Sure, there are mistakes and redundancies, and I guarantee it’s not where I want it to be. I do a cursory edit over it and then send it to my trusted readers. I know how I work, and so early on, I learned to work around myself. For example, when I used to spend months editing a piece and fine tuning things, if I released it to the beta-readers then, I found myself feeling much more sensitive to their critiques and much less willing to make the cuts, changes, and additions necessary. After all, I’d just spent months editing it, right?

By handing it off to betas early, with the forewarning that the nitpicky edits haven’t been done yet, I can hack and slash at will, and have no compunction with doing what needs to be done to fix the work. While everyone has a different process, I’ve found that this one works the best for me!


I split my time writing and working my day job as a massage therapist. If it’s a creative pursuit though, chances are I’ve dabbled in it. Hell, I’ve played around with soapmaking, beer brewing, cupcake baking, tea blending and everything else under the midday sun. At the end of the day, my constant is always reading, writing and editing. I’m an Aries-Taurus cusp–which to any astrology buffs should tell you plenty. I hit the East Coast convention circuit pretty hard and chances are, you can find me vending for Solstice Brews while simultaneously promoting my books.

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