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Meet the Writer Wednesday: Inge Saunders

Writers work long hours, pouring their souls into their work, and slaving away at the keyboard. And behind each and every e-book you download, or print copy you pick up at the bookstore is an author trying to tell a story. Hence why I’m beginning Meet the Writer Wednesday, a way to get to know some of the hardworking writers out there and the stories they pen!

Today, I’m welcoming Inge Saunders to the blog!


First off, what’s your favorite quote about writing? There are thousands, but usually one or two stick in the mind longer than others.

“Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open.” – Stephen King.

Every writer has their own unique brand of inspiration–what tends to inspire you?

Anything. Everything. It`s such a cliché, but it`s true.

I`m a lover of music and lyrics, so many a time a light bulb would go off when I hear a particular verse of a song. Sometimes it`s finding myself in front of the TV and Pop Culture provides me with a concept for a story like in my first novel for Decadent Publishing, Falling for Mr. Unexpected.

Then there are things I love doing myself that makes its way into my stories, like dancing. My second book, Dance of Love, is about a young woman who aspires to become a professional dancer and travels to Rome to achieve this dream as part of an international competition.

When you spend a long time with a character, you’re bound to get attached. Do you have a favorite? One you feel like you could write about forever?

I write YA under the Pen Name Inge Ulrike, and have written a three book series, that I started posting on Wattpad in the middle of last year. I had lived with those characters for a little over three years. Saying goodbye to them was tough. Every year I knew I was going to write my paranormal slash science fiction story with my kick-ass heroine, Emily, and the hero twin brothers, Michael and Eli. When I completed the series at the end of November last year, I was adamant there wouldn`t be another book. Nothing.

Then early this year a storyline for Eli, after everything that`s happened in the last book, took root. I have since written an outline and the first couple of chapters. He`s definitely one of my favorite characters, because at first in the series he starts off one dimensional, the supporting ‘act’ so to speak, to his older brother. But by the end of it, he`s a fully fledged complex character with so many demons that he begged to have his story told. I can write about him probably for the next couple of years alone. Maybe another series in the making *grin*

In my contemporary romances, I usually aim to make my hero toe-curl worthy *smile* I`m a firm believer in the cheesier the better. I love them with a sense of humor and witty. I like them to challenge the heroine. Damian Davidson in Falling for Mr. Unexpected certainly does that. But that`s not why he`s my favorite ‘grown up’ hero. Nope. I had molded him after the famous Latin singer Enrique Iglesias with his smoldering gaze. I can write about him forever and ever, just so I can have lovely fantasy moments with Enrique *wink*

When you’re writing, many times you have to fabricate the setting, unless you’ve done a lot of traveling. Where would you go on a dream vacation?

Dance of Love, takes place in Rome. But I`ve never been to Italy *smile* My dream vacation would be to walk the streets my heroine had and experience the Trevi Fountain, to make fun memories in this beautiful romantic city with so much history.

What project are you most excited for right now?

Right now I`m working on a fractured/twisted story for Decadent Publishing`s Beyond Fairytales Line. I requested a story and the Line`s editor selected Rapunzel for me because she liked how I wrote my previous two novels with them. I`m enjoying the process. I`ve tried this classic fairytale from different angles and finally settled on one that stays true to my slant for humor, drama, high stakes, adventure and romance. I`m hoping to combine my love for my contemporary romance style of writing with that of my more grand scale YA writing and meet somewhere in a New Adult middle. It`s my first attempt at reworking a fairytale. That`s exciting.

Now for some personal questions–what’s your favorite TV show?

Oh my don`t do this to me! *laughs* *palms face*

I love watching TV Shows. From cop-shows, to medical, to mystery, to science fiction, to law…you see where I`m going with this *smile* BUT if I have to, if I absolutely have to narrow it down to what I`m currently hooked on, I`d have to say Game of Thrones. I`ve been looking forward to it and at the moment it`s the only show that actually has me on tenterhooks for the next episode.

What about in the book-o-sphere? What are you reading right now?

I`m a Harlequin and Mills & Boon junky. I love to read Harlequin Presents and Mills & Boon`s Modern Tempted. Abbey Green`s been showing up a lot on my TBR and Stefanie London, as well as Carol Marinelli. Then I`m also reading Bella Andre`s Kiss Me Like This and Just To Be With You, I`ve just been introduced to her, and so far I`m loving her writing and storytelling ability. Jay Crownover`s Rule and Welcome to the Point series is also great. This author was a surprise to me, completely gripped me.

Then there`s my YA fix I got from the Maze Runner author, James Dashner. The second book had me in a corner clutching my hair, wailing, “When will this be over? Please tell me it`s over!” And then grabbing the last book because I NEEDED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

I`d recommend these authors, but also ones I have on my TBR list, Rea Rivers who`s got a wonderful paranormal/supernatural The Keepers series out. It`s doing really well. Kathy Bosman who writes wonderful sweet contemporary romance, that makes me envious of her beautifully crafted sentences. Marie Dry who`s got two science fiction romances out, Alien Mine and Alien Under Cover. A breakout star with her first book. And last but not least, Zee Monodee who`s Island Girls series is a wonderful look at Indian culture with the modern, contemporary backdrop of Mauritius. She writes the kind of stories a reader can get lost it, and take something valuable away.

Finally, my favorite question: what’s your astrological sign?

Pisces *smile* Yeah I know. It explains so much!


Check out her Decadent Publishing release: Falling for Mr. Unexpected!

Inge, Thank you for joining us today!

Tune in next week for Meet the Writer Wednesday!


I split my time writing and working my day job as a massage therapist. If it’s a creative pursuit though, chances are I’ve dabbled in it. Hell, I’ve played around with soapmaking, beer brewing, cupcake baking, tea blending and everything else under the midday sun. At the end of the day, my constant is always reading, writing and editing. I’m an Aries-Taurus cusp–which to any astrology buffs should tell you plenty. I hit the East Coast convention circuit pretty hard and chances are, you can find me vending for Solstice Brews while simultaneously promoting my books.

18 thoughts on “Meet the Writer Wednesday: Inge Saunders

  1. Great interview, Inge. I agree with Kiru, the twisted fairytale sounds fascinating. Yep, many (most?) romance authors are Harlequin and Mills & Boon junkies. Those books are just too juicy to stay away from.

    1. Thank you Nana! I’m glad you enjoy it! Yes, I actually started out writing YA (before I knew it was YA *bug eyed*). Falling for Mr. Unexpected’s my 1st ‘grown-up’ novel, so am happy the story went off well with its audience *grin*

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