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Ringing in the New Year with a New Version of An Airship Named Desire!

That’s right, folks.

An Airship Named Desire will be back on the shelves tomorrow, now labeled as book one of the Take to the Skies Chronicles. To celebrate, and to thank all of you lovely people who’ve taken the time to support that first book of mine, I’m running a free day tomorrow.

Add it on Goodreads, and don’t forget to check out Stolen Petals, which is book #1.5 of the Take to the Skies Chronicles, as well as A Tale of Two Airships, now listed on Goodreads:

Enjoy the gorgeous new cover, courtesy of Jillian Renee A!



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What’s on the Horizon for 2016?

As I slam the door in 2015’s face and offer a goodbye kiss, I’m already plotting for the new year.


The Iron Legacy- this is the young adult project born out of 2015’s hardships. It’s got the Celt mythology that’s in my blood, and the passion and determination that beats in my heart. Also, a smokin’ hot thief.

Night Awakens- Snark City over here! Naz and Darren are a fiery couple just brimming with sexual tension. Plus, I get to explore new creature creation with the nightshades!

Take to the Skies #3- More of Bea and the crew? Well, 2015 convinced me to spend a little more time with them, and besides, they’re just too damn fun to quit.

Potential Projects:

Scrying for Summer- depending on how things go, I may do a follow-up to Hunting for Spring. More Philly fun with characters you’re already familiar with.

Take to the Skies Novella-similar to Stolen Petals, I’m tempted to do a novella with a certain captain of a certain ship from book two.


Hunting for Spring- Kicking off the new year right with a big release for a story that I absolutely love! Plus, if this does well, I might just be inspired to do a sequel.

A Tale of Two Airships- currently in the hands of the most trusted of beta-readers, this will be edited and released by the end of the year.

TBA- I’m shopping a few projects right now, so who knows!


On the event front, I’m already booked in for quite a few. Folks can catch up with me at Wicked Faire, Steampunk World’s Fair, Fan Focus Events, Steampunk Unlimited, and perhaps a new steampunk event in Delaware come June!

I’ll be toting along the new copy of An Airship Named Desire, as well as Curiouser, but even cooler, I’ve figured a way to sell e-books directly at the event, so if there’s a book you’d like of mine, come chat! I promise I won’t sing too loud…

On an even cooler note, I’m going to be running Murder on the Airship Desire, a murder mystery tea party at Fan Focus!! Needless to say, I’m thrilled.

And on a more personal front, the theme of this year for me is ORGANIZE. I really want to get my life organized, and while this past year was a start with setting a writing schedule for myself, I’d like to expand that to different facets, and really maximize my writing time, while balancing social time, family, and health. Lofty task, sure, but I planted the seeds this year! Just need to help them flourish 😀

What are everyone else’s plans for the new year?


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Overview of 2015

2015 was one hell of a year.

Like peeling off a band-aid, I’ll start with the tough stuff. I had a really tough time establishing a platform, and a lot of faulty fireworks with release days, if you catch my drift. On top of that, one of my publishers shut down, and it was definitely a year I was lost, confused, and isolated.

However, anyone who knows me also knows I’m not one to dwell on the bad. Throw curveballs my way and I’ll do my damndest to fight. And fight I did. I can now happily say that after the tears and upset from the hurdles earlier this year, I’ve reached a place I feel quite hopeful about. On top of all that, this happened to be my most prolific year. I’m always in such a frenzy to create and push myself so hard that I don’t always take account of what I HAVE accomplished.

This year alone, these books came out:

Poisoned Apple

Soul Solution

Solid Ground

Stolen Petals



But on top of that, I also wrote a TON including:

Hunting for Spring

The Iron Legacy

A Reflection of Ice

A Tale of Two Airships

and I’m currently penning a paranormal romance titled Night Awakens

On top of that and getting the YA Columnist position at BTSemag, for the first time, I feel like I’m heading in the right direction as a writer.

However, I didn’t accomplish all of this in a vacuum. I have to say that there were a ton of gamechangers throughout this year that really made the difference. First off, the amazing authors I’ve been honored to work alongside taught me SO SO much this year. These people ROCK. Whether it’s the kickass folks from Boroughs Publishing, Breathless Press, or Decadent Publishing, I’ve learned so much by watching people in action. Getting involved in the writing community has helped me interact with such a phenomenally supportive bunch. You folks are amazing.

My friends who’ve been there through my ups and downs this year–they mean the world to me. My family has always been supportive, and I swear if I didn’t have them as my solid ground (look, I can pun with my own book!) I don’t know if I’d be able to bounce back like I can without them. And of course, my husband is a freakin saint. He’s always been there to offer a hug or a listening ear when I’m in neurotic mode or obsessing over a problem until I can conquer it. (And I’m super annoyingly repetitive too) He’s also my first beta-reader for so many of my projects.

And of course, my readers. To those who have reached out to me telling me how much they enjoyed my books, those who’ve left kind reviews, and those who’ve shared the word with their friends thank you so very much. Writing is a profession that will claw deep enough to leave marks, but each person in my life who has offered me kindness and support along the way–you’re the people who help me heal. You’re the people who help these stories of mine flourish.

Yes, 2015 was a hell of a rough year. But despite it all, I still have seen the way a person will reach out and comfort a stranger. I’ve seen people stay positive against overwhelming odds and crippling illnesses. I’ve experienced the love and support that people can give, and I can honestly say I’m awed and honored to have each of you in my life.

Love, kittens, and sunshine,



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Music Mondays- An Airship Named Desire

Well, we’ve got music to brighten up your Monday, and this time it’s of the steampunk variety! Let’s dip into my playlist for An Airship Named Desire and see what gems we uncover!

So what songs did I listen to?

Airship Pirate by Abney Park

Come on now, I’ll kick it off with the obvious. Anyone with half a brain could expect this one on the playlist. Even though it’s not shocking, the song’s worth a listen. I love the whirring in the beginning and the way it ramps up into the chorus. It’s got that trademark Abney Park sound, and epitomizes the steampunk movement for me–probably why my own contribution is of the airship pirate variety.

Iron Rose by Clockwork Dolls

The compositions this band did for their Dramatis Personae album are phenomenal and quite worth listening to. This song in particular gets a mention due to the frequency with which I played it during the writing of the final battle. What better to put you in the mood for the crescendo of your story than a song with such rises and swells as this one?

Captain Morgan’s Revenge by Alestorm

Of course I’m tackling regular pirate songs. It’s only proper. Alestorm, with their Scottish brogue that sounds all to reminiscent of piratey ‘arrghs’ fits the bill perfectly. I loved this song as it had a storytelling all on its own, and the fact that it was longer meant that I didn’t have to repeat quite as frequently.

She by Abney Park

I may have listened to a lot of Abney Park melodies while writing Airship, but this one strikes near and dear to me. It involved writing one of the most difficult scenes I’ve ever tackled, and I listened to it on repeat for most of a day to put myself in that dark of a place. The song has heartbreak, sadness, and longing, wrapped into one neat melody, and it really helped take me there.

Pirate Song by Alestorm

While this song is about the sea version of pirates, the spirit remains the same, and by gods what a spirit it is. If this song doesn’t make you want to take to the seas (or skies in my case), then the pirating spirit just might not be with you. It’s got the cadence of a shanty with a glorious refrain that you can just imagine sitting around a bar and caterwauling at the top of your lungs. (I may have.)

An Airship Named Desire

Airships, sky-pirates, smugglers, and soldiers…An Airship Named Desire will take you for a thrilling ride.

Ever since their last botched smuggling job, First Mate Bea and the crew of her airship can barely afford fuel, let alone a barrel of grog. So when a gentleman from Old Germany offers them a fortune to steal a locked box from a British merchant airship, they jump on the opportunity. However, their employer forgot to mention the box’s military escort and the Morlock mercenaries who would slit throats to get their hands on it. Oh, and if made public, the contents could engulf Europe in another devastating war.

Stealing the box was the easy part. Now, with a target on their back and some of the toughest characters in the skies after them, if the crew of the Desire doesn’t polish their pistols and prepare for a hell of a fight, they’ll end up worse than grounded. After all, everyone from the Brits to the Morlocks will kill for the contents of that box, and no one survives an airship crash.

As for new projects on the horizon, as promised, I’m writing the sequel to this book. A Tale of Two Airships is set to arrive next year, and it’ll be quite a riveting journey.

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Weekly Word Count #29

While I’ve gotten a little bit written, today is Christmas for me. To all those who celebrate it, I hope you’re enjoying your holiday! To those who don’t, I hope at least if you get a day off that you just enjoy some relaxation.


Word Count: 1,576 (low but better than last week!)

What story I’m working on: Night Awakens

What I’m editing/marketing: The Airship Named Desire re-release and Hunting for Spring!

Line of the week:

Bad circumstances make us do things we never dreamed of, but if you’re fighting this hard over the guilt it means you’re still in the ring.

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Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays to all!

Today I’m celebrating with my family, and I’m so grateful for that. There’s a lot of pressure this time of year, whether it’s the finances, the lack of time, or the general expectations that we’re beset on all sides from. For many, the holidays hit hard due to loss or bad circumstances. To everyone today, whether you’re celebrating a joyous occasion, or if today’s one of the tougher ones to get through, my thoughts are with you. I might be using the holidays as an excuse to express the gratitude and joy I feel at interacting with all of you wonderful people throughout the year, but today, especially today when so many might have a tougher time, I wish you all the best futures possible, even if it’s simply getting through this holiday to a better, brighter year.

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December 2015 Obsessions

Throughout December I unfortunately didn’t have much time to dwell on obsessions, which makes me a sad panda! On the flipside, my main obsession this month was An Airship Named Desire, and working on it ridiculously hard so that I could re-release it for all of you.

This was a story I felt deep in my bones and one that I connected with on so many levels despite the pulpy, fast-paced action of it all. The re-release features a brand new edit which polishes some previously rougher edges, and a gorgeous cover that showcases just how wonderful I believe this story to be.

All of this obsessive work led to this pre-order link:

And a return date of December 31st, 2015.