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Music Monday- Blood, Lust and Love

It’s that time again–Music Monday!

Here today to join us is Sheri Velarde to discuss her new release, Blood, Lust and Love!

Blood, Lust and Love Final

Blood, Lust and Love: A Collection of Vampire Shorts is all about vampires. So naturally that brought out the old school goth in me when it came to the soundtrack for these three stories.

1. Never Tear Us Apart by INXS- I used to have the hugest crush on Michael Hutchence and let’s face it, he had the sexy vampire kind of look down. This is also a perfect song for creatures that live forever and can possibly love for ever as well. Though Devil Inside and so many other songs fit the mythos of vampires as well.

2. Anything by The Cure. Anything. I cannot even tell you how much I loved this band as a teen and how when I write anything gothic or about vampire this is one of my go to listens. If I had to pick one song for vampire… maybe Fascination Street? Vampires are pretty darn fascinating!

3. Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode. This is another band that I could pick almost any song. “All I ever wanted, all I ever needed is here in my arms.” Pretty good vampire pick up line I would say! And true since love and food could come from the same person for them! Lol

4. Rebel Rebel by David Bowie. Okay so this isn’t goth, but aren’t vampires rebels against the world itself.

5. This next one may be because they looked like vampires? LOL I don’t know. Taking you back from some 80s glam metal now with L.A. Guns and Over the Edge. Isn’t that what being a vampire is about, living over the edge?

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Lots of things are coming up. Later this month I have my short “Rumpled Sheets” in the Twisted Fables anthology on Torquere Press. I am also working on a m/m fantasy novella for them that I hope to have out in the late spring. I have a shifter re-release coming out in October on my own Stoker Publishing, with a lot more new and re-releases to follower there.  I am also working on the follow up to my fantasy novel Quest for Redemption. I suspect there will be a lot more releases before the year is out.

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