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Weekly Word Count #126

Word Count: 2, 251

What story I’m currently working on: Since I finished the YA fantasy novel last week and had really intense binge sessions, I let my brain rest before NaNo…which started yesterday. So after a week break where I just did editing stuff and let the writing muscles relax, I’m heading back into the fray! While The Airship Also Rises isn’t flying off the page at the moment, Bea’s voice is so familiar for me, and once I really start getting into the thick of the story, I know it’ll move.

What I’m editing/marketing: I’ve slowed down steam from my last two releases, Captured Memories being the most recent, and I’m starting to turn my attention to the next ones. Of Tinkers and Technomancers and A Reflection of Ice are next on my agenda, and while they’re both in the 30k novella range, they’re both incredibly fun stories that I think folks will enjoy.  I actually spent a lot of the week working through the major fixes I needed to make on Forged Decisions, and I’m going through and doing the last big rounds of edits. Over the next couple weeks, I’ll hopefully be shipping Forged Decisions off to my editor!

Teaser of the week:

_Each step forward offered a better view of the crystal walls ahead, the castle appearing like something out of a fairytale._(1)

Line of the week:

“Just a quick exchange, right?” Geoff murmured by my side, a smirk on his face and a glint in his eye. “That’s what we told the crew.”

“Well, they should know by now, we’re lying liars full of lies.” I shot him a glance, trying to ignore the way my nerves danced, how the adrenaline begged me to tear across the cobblestones. “When has an exchange or drop ever been simple?”