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Inspiration for A Reflection of Ice

Lebendig im Spiegel / Tot in der Wirklichkeit

So, I realized I kept a Pinterest board while I was working on this story, and I thought I’d share some of the inspiration pics. One of the toughest things for someone who isn’t visual (me) is trying to delve into deeper detail and figure out the spatial elements of a scene, so I tend to use a lot of visual cues. The first picture has to do with the motif of mirrors in the book–creepy, right?

There was once a maid in waiting who lived in the second-tallest tower in the castle...

Most of A Reflection of Ice takes place in an ice castle, so obviously, it was important to get a good visual sense of the place.

But it's a castle! Made of ice! This is like my life!! ;)

This is a little more of an artistic variant than real life example, both super helpful in their own way!

Orput song on repeat and do this workout 4 or 5 times for a good cardio workout. copyright Erica Wadzinski ;)

And of course, I needed lots and lots of imagery and sense memory of SNOW!

If you like dark, wintry fairytales, A Reflection of Ice is available for pre-order here! It releases on March 27th!



I split my time writing and working my day job as a massage therapist. If it’s a creative pursuit though, chances are I’ve dabbled in it. Hell, I’ve played around with soapmaking, beer brewing, cupcake baking, tea blending and everything else under the midday sun. At the end of the day, my constant is always reading, writing and editing. I’m an Aries-Taurus cusp–which to any astrology buffs should tell you plenty. I hit the East Coast convention circuit pretty hard and chances are, you can find me vending for Solstice Brews while simultaneously promoting my books.

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