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Weekly Word Count #161

Word Count: 5000

What story I’m currently working on:

Well, I slowed down a little this week, mostly because I had some external factors and my focus was crap. Hypnotizing Beat is still chilling at 12k, but Forged Contracts has bumped up to 17k! I’m still hoping to hit 30k with it by the end of July, as I’ve got a lot planned for it. Raven and Jer’s story is going to grip you by the throat from page one and not let go–intense is the name of the game here.

What I’m editing/marketing:

So, I have The Airship Also Rises formatted for the most part, and I did do a smidge of work on Musketeer Pirates, but the major edits I delved into were the line edits for both Forged Decision and Forged Alliances! No wonder I didn’t have the time to get extra written this past week. On the plus, both books are completely ready to come out next year! Still waiting to hear about the final two Philly Coven Chronicles books, but hopefully we see some movement there so that wonderful series can start hitting the shelves again! And my next release is only a couple of weeks away, with Legends of the Veil coming out August 1st!

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Teaser of the week:

“A thousand curses on girls with smart mouths and access to firepower.”

Line of the week:

“Mackey Kendricks,” Jer responded, loping forward to catch up with her. “Did you know him from your Landslider days?”

Her shoulders tensed a fraction at the mention of his name. “Everyone knew Kendricks,” was all she said. The coldness in her tone implied more than she let on. Raven didn’t turn around to look at him, and Jer stayed a pace or two behind on purpose. Something in the way she held herself right now was so remote that direct contact, anything that brought her to reality, might spook her.

“Jer?” she said, that same lightness in her tone, the one that caused goosebumps to rise along his arms.

“Yeah, Rae?” he stepped up to the doorframe even though she already strode paces ahead towards her car.

“If you see Mackey, don’t try to hunt him down. Don’t try to fight him. Just run.”

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Music Monday- On the Ropes

And it’s another Music Monday, this time with Dania Voss and her book, On the Ropes!


1. Thunderstruck – AC/DC:
The hero Luke Stryker is a star baseball pitcher for the Chicago Cobras, I imagined him walking to the pitcher’s mound to this song.
​2. The Way You Look Tonight – Tony Bennett​:
This was the first song at Jake and Cassie’s wedding, Abbey the heroine, and Luke became emotional as they watched the bride and groom dance to this song.
3. Unforgettable – Nat King Cole:
Luke and Abbey danced together for the first time in 10 years after a terrible break up to this song at Jake and Cassie’s wedding reception. Even after 10 years apart, they’ve not forgotten each other.
4. We Are Family – Sister Sledge:
Luke and Abbey reunite during a wedding weekend filled with family and friends.
5. Catch My Breath – Kelly Clarkson:
Abbey’s trying to catch her breath and reconcile her feelings after not seeing Luke for 10 years.
What are you currently working on?
Evernight Publishing just recently accepted The Warrior’s Whisper, it’s the followup to On the Ropes.
It’s Heath and Leah’s story who we meet in On the Ropes. Heath is a former Marine who was injured in Afghanistan and he’s known Leah all of her life.  She’s his good friend’s younger sister so he’s always felt she was off limits.
My current WIP is Hannah’s Bliss, the next in my Windy City Nights series that follows The Warrior’s Whisper. It is Rocco and Hannah’s story who are also introduced in On the Ropes. Rocco is a sexy Italian American who also served in Afghanistan and Hannah is an event planner. They come from vastly different backgrounds but will eventually find their way.
On the Ropes

Ten years ago he let her get away. Does he have what it takes to make her his for good? 

By all accounts Luke “Strike ‘em Out” Stryker lives a charmed life. He’s won 4 World Series Championship rings and is the Chicago Cobras star pitcher. He’s gorgeous, wealthy and is dating one of Hollywood’s biggest A-list actresses.

But things aren’t always as they appear.

Abbey Jayne has been nursing a broken heart since Luke Stryker betrayed her ten years ago. She’s spent the last ten years focused on her career and education, trying to get over him.

Forced to see him again at her sister’s wedding, Abbey vows to not let Luke ruin her weekend.

An accident days before the wedding has Luke re-evaluating the harsh realities of his life and future. A future that must include his one true love Abbey.

A terrible misunderstanding drove them apart ten years ago, but Luke is determined to win Abbey back by the end of the wedding weekend. He’ll do whatever it takes to convince her they belong together. Failure is not an option.

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Weekly Word Count #160

Word Count: 9112

What story I’m currently working on:

I lived up to my promise! Not in Hypnotizing Beat which is still at 12k, but with Forged Contracts….well, I happened to go from 3k to 12k….I guess it’s vibing with me just a smidge. And holy hell. While the banter in the first two books was top notch and this will be muted a bit, the emotional richness of this book is just unreal. Raven and Jer are two damaged, broken characters falling apart at the seams all while they’re desperate for the love they both deserve. Plus, the plot of the Tribal Spirits series is so compelling and interesting.

What I’m editing/marketing:

So, I just spent all that time editing and need a wee bit of a break. Though I’ll still be working on Musketeer Pirates in the interim, I’m going to put my full focus on the next book in my serieses. Speaking of serieses, fingers crossed on the full four books of the Philly Coven Chronicles finding their home! Once August hits, I’ll have a full series available on Amazon, although this time it’ll be my Take to the Skies series that I love and adore so much. Bea and the crew will always have a place in my heart. Speaking of that universe, if you dig steampunk romance, catch Stolen Petals free right now!

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Teaser of the week:

“Mordecai snorted. “Surely, I thought you_d invite the chaos on board and offer it tea.”

Line of the week:

“Poor thing indeed,” Raven muttered, scratching the side of her neck. “No one warned her the big bad wolf was showing up on her doorstep.”

“Big Bad Wolf? I like the sound of that. Want to call me that while I drive deep inside you?” he teased, the normal flirtation not nearly as dangerous as one ounce of vulnerability from that man.

“You’re incorrigible,” she shot back, grabbing bowls and forks from her pantry before popping open the takeout containers and shoveling the glorious contents inside.

“Busting out the fancy words now?” Jer continued, an amused grin on his lips. “Don’t tease. You know how a big vocabulary turns me on.”

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Music Mondays- Caden

Guys, Music Monday is BACK! Today we have TL Reeve and Michele Ryan to discuss their upcoming release: Caden: Apache County Shifters!
Wolves – Selena Gomez
It’s a given I think. Michele picked it out, though. It fits the way things started with Caden and Danielle, and then in one action, everything was destroyed. Now, it’s all about their trials to get back to one another.
What about us – P!nk
Again, Michele picked this one. (She’s got great taste in music) – It’s all about promises Caden and Danielle whispered to each other in the dark. All the promises Caden broke. The betrayal and the hurt caused by one man’s dark past, and about his pain and loss.
Too Good at Goodbyes – Sam Smith
I picked this one. It fits the story because Danielle has spend her life walking away. She can do it at a drop of a hat and now with how things have been destroyed with Caden, she’s willing to walk away and there is no emotion left there to even care that she’s walking away from the best thing in her life.
Perfect – Ed Sheeran
Again, Michele picked this song. Caden finds Danielle perfect. Yes, he’s done some messed up things, and yes he’s betrayed her beyond what he believes he can every be forgiven for, but he also wants her to know, no matter what, she is perfect. She did nothing wrong.
Just Like Heaven – The Cure
I picked this one. Who doesn’t like The Cure? This song represents the healing and love Caden and Danielle have for each other. Once they let each other in and once they fix the things that tore them apart, Danielle and Caden realize, this is where they were supposed to be all along.
What’s next on the horizon: Michele and I are currently working on Unbreakable – Book One of our Leaving the Past Behind series. We’re anxious to get this one out, because it is the continuation of Nico and Hayden’s story. We know you guys are going to love it.
Where can readers find you?
If you would like to connect with Michele and I, you can do so by joining our group: R&R Raving Readers:  or you can join our newsletter:

Caden Raferty messed up—big time. He’s turned his back on his family and friends, but most of all his mate, Danielle Blueriver.

Danielle is done with love and done with Caden. After two near death experiences, she’s regressed into herself not wanting to be seen or heard. Her life is crumbling down around her and the only thing giving her the will to live are her boys, Aiden and Nicolas.

But, an old foe isn’t done with either of them and once again, they are thrust together in a situation neither can get out of. 

Can Danielle and Caden find their path to happiness this time, or will the sins of their past destroy their future?

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Weekly Word Count #159

Word Count: 2517

What story I’m currently working on:

I knoooow, my word count is still pretty terrible. I promise next week I’ll do better. Because I finished Taking Root, I was able to pop open Forged Contracts and begin that again! I’m up to 12k in Hypnotizing Beat and 3k for Forged Contracts. I am super excited to get back into these books and start writing again. It’s been so many long stretches of editing that I have been pushing writing off for awhile, so I think I’ve recharged enough to dive back into things.

What I’m editing/marketing:

I finished editing Taking Root and started sending it out! That’s what I spent most of last week doing–finalizing this book! Also, fingers crossed on books 3 and 4 that they get picked up with Soul Mate as I’ve got both on submission! On top of that, you can get both books in the Take to the Skies series for under 5 dollars! Catch the sale while you can! Now that my editing schedule is free, I can dive back into Musketeer Pirates, and I’m also formatting the final Take to the Skies book, The Airship Also Rises. If you’re waiting for Colors of a Soul, my Little Mermaid retelling, pre-order Legends of the Veil!

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Teaser of the week:

“The way he spoke to me, the admiration in his gaze, reminded me so, so much of myself staring at Morris, eyes reaching for the stars.”

Line of the week:

“If you keep burning the midnight oil like this, I’m going to dub you the Ghost of Guitarist’s Past,” Ky set to yanking down the window behind the seats. Even though they’d parked in a dump of a lot with a bunch of beater vehicles and sketch neighbors, those desperate neons from the strip still tried their damndest to cut through the early morning grey.

“Who can sleep with the way you and Liz go at it?” Trevor muttered, reaching for one of Ren’s crumpled shirts he left strewn all through the floor of the RV. Trevor tossed it to Kieran. “Do us a favor and cover yourself up. The adoring fans aren’t here to see the show.”

Kieran flashed him a grin, his gold eyes sparking with that new relationship thrill, where everything was sunshine on the Mississippi, and problems were a snap to fix. Not that he could blame his bandmate for the infectious excitement. Kieran had fought hard to win Liz over to the commitment side. Trevor couldn’t imagine that sort of closeness with anyone. The thought of it settled around his throat, the phantom sensation one that lingered through the years.

Ky sniffed the shirt and wrinkled his nose. “Otherworld be damned, did Ren shit on this? You can deal with some skin, brother.”

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Throwback Thursday: Corsets and Cogs


Welcome to the world as it never was…

Enter landscapes awash in steam-powered machinery, Victorian style, and mysterious magic shrouded in the fog of a city night.

Join 25 New York Times, USA Today, and bestselling speculative fiction authors as they dive into alternate universes of tinkers, mad scientists, and space-faring soldiers, as well as leviathans, vampires, and demons—along with the cloaked lords and corseted ladies haunting pages of these alternative histories.

This limited-time anthology features tales of whimsy and wonder rife with gaslamp masquerades, steam-driven dirigibles, clockwork landscapes, gadgets and gears, and more.

Perfect for lovers of Penny Dreadful, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Sherlock Holmes!

Get your copy HERE!