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Weekly Word Count: 12/9/18

Word Count: 5434

What story I’m currently working on:

Like I projected, Forged Futures is finished! And it already has an anticipated release date once it’s contracted too. (I’m supposed to turn it in by February) So, since I did all of the writing through November, December is gonna be a heavy editing month. I’ll probably start Forged Redemption in a week or so, but it’s going to be a slow beginning. Aka, you’ll see some pretty low word counts, because I’ve got too many projects to edit.

What I’m editing/marketing:

Well now, both the edits and line edits are done and turned in for Forged Contracts, so that’s something. I’m continuing to plug away at the Hypnotizing Beat edits, and I’m going to probably work on the content edits stuff next week just to knock it out. In November, Forged Alliances came out, and now already, Forged Decisions is available for pre-order! I’d also be remiss to not mention Bustles and Bells since it’s only available for the holidays!

Join my brigade:

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Teaser of the week:

A slow smile rolled to his lips. Even though she_d insisted the favor be professional, his mind couldn_t help but wander to all the things he_d rather do with her than work. Those

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Line of the week:

Lucas’s smile lit his whole face, those white teeth gleaming and his scars crinkling with the movement. His brown eyes gleamed like she was the first breath of warmth after an eternal winter. Lana swallowed, but pushed up on the couch to press her lips to his. The kiss was as ethereal as a sunbeam, the heat soaking through her like a sip of coffee, and for the first time in far too long, she tasted hope.

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A Tale of Two Airships: 99 cents Sale!


Grab a copy of the second Take to the Skies book for only 99 cents!

Bea and the crew of the Desire are back, and there’s one fierce storm brewing on the horizon. When Isabella’s old clan delivers a letter that sends their crewmate into a funk, Bea’s suspicious. However, when they’re intercepted by gypsies on the way to their meetup for the next smuggling job, her suspicions switch to pissed off. Yet none of that compares to the rage that ignites after Bea and their recon team return to the docks to find the Desire missing. Stolen. By those goddamn gypsies from Isabella’s old clan.

Which leaves Bea and her four crewmates stranded in Shantytown, home of redcoats who want them dead and Morlocks who want them deader. On top of that, she has no clue if her crew aboard the Desire is still alive. And once the Morlocks spot them in a bounty bar and put a price on their heads, if Bea doesn’t find a way to the skies and fast, they’re screwed six ways to sailing day with their home flying further and further out of reach.