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Hypnotizing Beat is Under Contract!


If you’ve been waiting for book two in the Discord’s Desire series, you’re in luck! Hypnotizing Beat just got contracted with Evernight Publishing! The projected release date is in April 🙂

Danica Maslanka is a survivalist at heart, and after the way she screwed over the guys of Discord’s Desire in their time of need, Trevor Arceneaux wants nothing to do with her. Except when their tour brings them to Sin City and they run into Danica once more, he can’t get the leannan sidhe off his mind.

She’s in dire straits, hunted by the same man who enslaved Trevor for most of his life. He doesn’t trust her for a heartbeat, but he also can’t turn away someone in such a similar circumstance as his own. As their path leads them closer to a confrontation against his former owner, Trevor’s loathing for Danica strips away until he finds himself falling for the tough, independent woman. Danica betrayed them once, but as something real blossoms between them, if she backstabs them this time, his trust will be shattered for good.

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Weekly Word Count: 2/13/19

Word Count: 14035

What story I’m currently working on:

Well, things changed immensely in the span of a week…I’ve got two proposals due by the end of the month, so I finished my 9k one for the Narnia Club, and I’m 2k into the LGBT heist romantic suspense. Unfortunately that also means that Forged Redemption had to take a backseat for a little while, because this has the more pressing deadline. However, I did still make it to 13k with Forged Redemption, so some forward progress on that book! Holy shit though, I launched myself back into writing in an intense way.

What I’m editing/marketing:

Well shit, guys. The news keeps coming. Hypnotizing Beat just got contracted with Evernight Publishing! And editing is finally taking a backseat while I do some writing, though I’m still working through the initial Rising for Autumn ones. If you’re into some steampunk romance, check out Of Tinkers and Technomancers, which comes out March 12th! And if you’re an audio book fan, you can get the entire Take to the Skies series on audio book now that The Airship Also Rises is out!

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Teaser of the week:

“They shot one of ours.” The lines deepened around his grey eyes. “I_d waste the whole army for spilling a drop of my crew_s blood.”

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Line of the week:

The city of love was the last place Luciana Martinez wanted to be.

She leaned hard against the side of the cab, staring out the window as the city flickered by, all boutiques with seafoam green overhangs, and the patisserie windows lit in amber light featuring mouthwatering eclairs and pistachio tarts. Throngs of business professionals strolled along the sidewalks in posh scarves, fitted peacoats, and slim suits. She tugged at the worn duffel bag slung over her shoulder, one she should’ve dropped when she entered but had been clinging to like a security blanket the whole ride over.

Sure, it was Callie’s turn to pick their vacation, and sure, they’d geeked about coming to Paris for years, but man, the fucking timing. Her divorce papers weren’t even old enough to crawl.

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Forged Contract Cover Reveal


Who’s excited for book three in the Tribal Spirits series? I know I am! Forged Contracts comes out for pre-order on March 5th and will release in April!

When Jer kisses his best friend Raven, the feelings they’ve been avoiding surface—including secrets from the past that might destroy them both.

Jeremiah Taylor’s responsibilities as the new pack beta are crushing him, especially with the unpredictable mood shifts since his shaman-supplied bipolar meds ran out. It’s the combination for doing something stupid, like kissing the one woman he’s never let himself pursue—his best friend Raven Takahashi.

When Finn left the Red Rock pack, Raven’s on and off again fling took her safety net with him—the one barrier keeping her from the raw and real way she feels around Jer. The moment the Pandora’s box opens after they kiss, she can no longer deny the sparks between them or hide from the demons of her past.

And when one of those demons shows up in Beaver Tavern representing an anti-shifter group to take over their land, Raven’s secrets threaten to get dragged into the light, which could cost her everything—her friends, her pack, and her home. However, if she and Jer don’t thwart the anti-shifter group’s takeover attempts, the entire Red Rock pack might find themselves banished from their own land.

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Weekly Word Count: 2/6/2019

Word Count: 4505

What story I’m currently working on:

Even though I’m only at 10k with Forged Redemption, I’m another thousand words closer to my normal weekly pace, and I’m hoping to really step it up the rest of February. A lot of the book is already crystallizing in my head, so I’m excited to really sink into it and start feeling along with the characters. I’m really freaking excited to finish the Tribal Spirits series, but also a little sad, considering this wild ride started just two years ago when I was writing this piece in response to a call for shifter stories.

What I’m editing/marketing:

So, not only was Forged Futures contracted but I’m already neck deep in content edits! And I’ve got some more news on the horizon too, so stay tuned. I did turn in the initial Scrying for Summer edits and launched into the Rising for Autumn ones, and I’m hoping by March at least this editing fervor has died down and gives me more time to write. If you haven’t gotten it yet, pre-order Of Tinkers and Technomancers, which comes out March 12th! And if you’re an audio book fan, you can get the entire Take to the Skies series on audio book now that The Airship Also Rises is out!

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Teaser of the week:

He didn_t know what he searched for out there in all the blue. Maybe the faintest glimmer of hope, like the sun gliding off the rippling surface of the lake.(1)

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Line of the week:

Ally let out a low whistle. “When did you become more than just a pretty face?”

“Let’s be real, I’m not much without my looks,” Drew drawled in response. “I blame Lucas and his band of Tribe for all this planning ahead nonsense.”

“Sure, all that bad Tribe influence,” Ally shot back. “Just like the Boy Scouts are out to corrupt wayward kids into learning discipline.”

Drew pumped on the gas, speeding up to catch up with the car they were tailing. All the dips in the road made it that much harder to keep track of. “Hey, we start teaching kids discipline and the next thing you’ll have is upstanding citizens. No one wants that. Chaos and malarkey for all.”

“Malarkey? What are you, eighty?” Ally cracked the window as she leaned her arm out the side. Her golden hair streamed in the breeze, silken strands he longed to run his fingers through. Spirits above, every inch of her body was pure temptation for him.

“Yep. Mackey better watch out, because I’m coming for him, walker and all.”

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Scrying for Summer Cover Reveal!


Scrying for Summer will be coming out this November!

Jev was looking for an adventure, however she wanted the usual variety of stomping out nasty fae in the city as an enforcer of the Philly Coven. Instead, handsome as sin Liam O’Reilly shows up on her doorstep dropping news of the worst organization of fae they’d dealt with on the rise again. Except, he’s a traitor, an asshole, and the absolute last person she wants to work with.

However, the longer they work together, the more the fire between them burns, turning from rage and irritation into something primal. And as she gets to know the real Liam O’Reilly behind the charming smiles and sexy lines, he becomes so much deadlier. Because the protective, self-sacrificing man underneath his facade is just the sort she could fall for.

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Hunting for Spring Cover Reveal


Hunting for Spring will be coming out in July of this year!

Hunters are a lonely breed, and Conor’s no exception, until the day he meets Brenna. Even though she slinks in unannounced and kills the wight he was hunting down, the girl’s a mystery and he can’t get that blinding smile or those gorgeous curves off his mind. Since they’re both after the same caster who’s unleashing these monsters, he suggests teaming up, and despite her initial reluctance, the hungry way she scans him down promises something powerful.

However, her secrets have repercussions, and faster than Conor can lift his Glock, he’s drawn into the web of kidnappings and Unseelie mischief, all concealing the machinations of a darker foe—one that plans to bring Philly to ruin.

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The Airship Also Rises Audio Book is Live!


The Airship Also Rises is now available in audio book, narrated by Cari Scholtens!

The crew of the Desire returns for one final, thrilling adventure.

Ever since Bea and the crew stole that box from the British Merchant ship, they’ve been drowning under enemies: the Brits, the Morlocks, and the man who started it all – their ex-employer. However, Bea finally tracks him down and prepares for one final fight against the man who made their life hell.

He’s got superior numbers and more weapons and wealth than she could dream up, while she’s got a threadbare crew running on grit and dreams alone. The crew of the Desire doesn’t stand a chance. But Bea’s spent a lifetime defying the odds, and she and the crew will risk it all – their livelihood, their ship, and their lives for the chance to fly the skies free once more.

Secrets will unravel, and loyalties will be tested in the smoking conclusion of the Take to the Skies series.