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Weekly Word Count #145

Word Count: 7528

What story I’m currently working on:

Hopefully, next week I’ll be reporting in that the fae story is finished! I had a little bit of a slowdown with the push for finishing Airship, so I switched to that until I finished. I’m having so much fun with this paranormal romance though, and the end of it is all plotted out and I’m already at 16k, which is already past the 15k minimum. This is the fae story for the Legends of the Veil anthology that is coming out in August!

What I’m editing/marketing: GUYS! Next week, A Reflection of Ice is coming out, and it’s already available for pre-order! I managed to fulfill my ballsy promise from last week, since the Airship edits are finished, and I turned my manuscript in to the editor! It was a massive, intense push though. I also cried again when I did the final pass on this book. It’s giving me all of the emotions. If you’re looking for a steampunk read before August, Gaslights and Graves is available for pre-order!

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Teaser of the week:

“They shot one of ours.” The lines deepened around his grey eyes. “I_d waste the whole army for spilling a drop of my crew_s blood.”(1)

Line of the week:

“What are you, the mayor?” Jason asked as they reached the parking lot for Oberon’s Inn where his BMW waited for them. He clicked the locks open and slipped into the driver’s side, Kelsey taking the passenger seat. The sight of her there jarred him—for so long, it had been Sadie in that spot, but after that spin of vertigo, his world righted again.

“A little politeness never killed anyone,” Kelsey sniffed as she leaned back into the seat. “Besides, most of them are regulars at my café.”

“That’s it—the siren’s call of coffee,” he responded with a grin as he pulled out of the parking lot. “So are you just going to navigate the way there?”

“Yep.” She showed teeth with her smile. “Get onto the highway. And technically, it’s the undine’s call of coffee in this case. Let’s not give the sirens any extra credit.”