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The Airship Also Rises Release Day!


The crew of the Desire returns for one final, thrilling adventure.

Ever since Bea and the crew stole that box from the British Merchant ship, they’ve been drowning under enemies. The Brits, the Morlocks, and the man who started it all—their ex-employer.

However, Bea finally tracks him down and prepares for one final fight against the man who made their life hell. He’s got superior numbers and more weapons and wealth than she could dream up, while she’s got a threadbare crew running on grit and dreams alone. The crew of the Desire doesn’t stand a chance.

But Bea’s spent a lifetime defying the odds, and she and the crew will risk it all—their livelihood, their ship, and their lives, for the chance to fly the skies free once more.

Secrets will unravel and loyalties will be tested in the smoking conclusion of the Take to the Skies series.

Buy your copy HERE!

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A Tale of Two Airships for 99 Cents!

A Tale of Two Airships Cover

Get the second book in the Take to the Skies series for only 99 cents!

Bea and the crew of the Desire are back, and there’s one fierce storm brewing on the horizon. When Isabella’s old clan delivers a letter that sends their crewmate into a funk, Bea’s suspicious. However, when they’re intercepted by gypsies on the way to their meetup for the next smuggling job, her suspicions switch to pissed off. Yet none of that compares to the rage that ignites after Bea and their recon team return to the docks to find the Desire missing. Stolen. By those goddamn gypsies from Isabella’s old clan.

Which leaves Bea and her four crewmates stranded in Shantytown, home of redcoats who want them dead and Morlocks who want them deader. On top of that, she has no clue if her crew aboard the Desire is still alive. And once the Morlocks spot them in a bounty bar and put a price on their heads, if Bea doesn’t find a way to the skies and fast, they’re screwed six ways to sailing day with their home flying further and further out of reach.

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Weekly Word Count #165

Word Count: 8,500

What story I’m currently working on:

Forged Contracts is MOVING along! I might be a smidge behind because there was a lot going on last week and will be a lot going on this week, but I’m still pushing forward with it. Last week I thought that this book would be 60k, but since I’m currently at 55k and there’s a significant amount of stuff that still needs to happen, I’m thinking it’s going to be closer to 65k, which is great. The book has a lot going on, esp emotional stuff to unpack, so I think it’s good for it to have more room to breathe.

What I’m editing/marketing:

Currently, I’m still slugging away at Musketeer Pirates. I will finish that book before the end of the year, even if it kills me. It just might. The Airship Also Rises comes out TOMORROW, which marks the end of my Take to the Skies series. I’m thrilled, but also sad. It’s a bittersweet thing, since An Airship Named Desire was the first book ever published for me. Right now though, the entire series is available for under 5 bucks, so yay!

Join my brigade:

The best ways to get involved with my work is by joining my ARC List, my Facebook Group, or sign up for my Patreon!

Teaser of the week:

“Rare stories traveled of those who rose too high, the ships who sailed like Icarus towards the sun.And like him, they crashed and burned for their arrogance.”(1)

Line of the week:

A knock sounded on the door.

“Who the hell is knocking on my door this time of day?” Jer muttered, running a hand through his curls.

Raven snorted. “You mean lunchtime? Because I’m pretty sure it’s lunch time. Might want to throw a shirt on, stud.” Her fingers trailed down his chest before she snapped them away and headed for the door.

Jer couldn’t help the grin that rose to his lips as he stalked over to his bedroom and snagged a wrinkled shirt from the floor.

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Weekly Word Count #132

Word Count: 1,468

What story I’m currently working on: Still super slow with Airship, making it to 55k. Crazy to think this time last month I was closer to 30k or more down for the month, but after two consecutive months of heavy wordcount, I have some massive editing to do. I’m going to attempt to hit 60k by next week, meaning I’ll have 20k to write in January, which is more than doable.

What I’m editing/marketing: A Tale of Two Airships came out in audio book last week! While Captivating Melody is out on submission I’m turning to working on Outlier Heir and reworking Chasing Fate from last year. Musketeer Pirates is hanging tight for a little bit while beta readers look it over, so I’m currently juggling a LOT of editing projects. I heard some word on Of Tinkers and Technomancers that editing should begin in February, so hopefully you’ll be reading it by March/April 2018!

Teaser of the week:


Line of the week:

If she was in immediate danger, I could pull focus from the rest of my crew. To me, of course, but this plan wouldn’t be any fun if it wasn’t insane.

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Weekly Word Count #131

Word Count: 3,018

What story I’m currently working on: So, I’m still slow going on Airship, but I’m picking up a little more speed on it this week and made it to 54k. I’m still trying to find my direction, since Loose Id’s closure is going to cause some trickiness next year. I do promise that by next year I’ll have the Take to the Skies series finished and a new romance series in the works, come what may.

What I’m editing/marketing: A Tale of Two Airships is out in audio book! Captivating Melody is on submission with at least 5-10 different publishers, so cross your fingers for me that I’ll find a home for it! So, in the interim, I started working on Musketeer Pirates, digging into the content edits and getting more beta readers to take a look at it! I also finished the updates on Outlier Heir, so I’m getting input on that at the moment! As for A Reflection of Ice and Of Tinkers and Technomancers, they’ll be coming out in the new year!

Teaser of the week:

A slow smile rolled to his lips. Even though she_d insisted the favor be professional, his mind couldn_t help but wander to all the things he_d rather do with her than work. Those

Line of the week:

I opened my mouth, but the words dried up. All the bluster I’d been rolling in with, all the fire, and I still knew so little about what had been going on all along. I was still fumbling ahead in the dark, groping for any scrap of information to put these pieces together.

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Weekly Word Count #126

Word Count: 2, 251

What story I’m currently working on: Since I finished the YA fantasy novel last week and had really intense binge sessions, I let my brain rest before NaNo…which started yesterday. So after a week break where I just did editing stuff and let the writing muscles relax, I’m heading back into the fray! While The Airship Also Rises isn’t flying off the page at the moment, Bea’s voice is so familiar for me, and once I really start getting into the thick of the story, I know it’ll move.

What I’m editing/marketing: I’ve slowed down steam from my last two releases, Captured Memories being the most recent, and I’m starting to turn my attention to the next ones. Of Tinkers and Technomancers and A Reflection of Ice are next on my agenda, and while they’re both in the 30k novella range, they’re both incredibly fun stories that I think folks will enjoy.  I actually spent a lot of the week working through the major fixes I needed to make on Forged Decisions, and I’m going through and doing the last big rounds of edits. Over the next couple weeks, I’ll hopefully be shipping Forged Decisions off to my editor!

Teaser of the week:

_Each step forward offered a better view of the crystal walls ahead, the castle appearing like something out of a fairytale._(1)

Line of the week:

“Just a quick exchange, right?” Geoff murmured by my side, a smirk on his face and a glint in his eye. “That’s what we told the crew.”

“Well, they should know by now, we’re lying liars full of lies.” I shot him a glance, trying to ignore the way my nerves danced, how the adrenaline begged me to tear across the cobblestones. “When has an exchange or drop ever been simple?”

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Weekly Word Count #119

Word Count: 10,191

What story I’m currently working on: I keep my promises! Forged Decisions is complete!! I started really pounding out the wordage on that one, and it’s already out with beta readers now! So after that crazy haul, I slowed down for a little and spent time getting back into the Musketeer Pirate story, and I finally hit 10k! Baby steps on that one–it’s going to have so much complex plotting that it’s difficult to pin down directions.

What I’m editing/marketing: Forged Alliances is releasing next Tuesday! Continuing the awesome news front, I just signed a contract for Of Tinkers and Technomancers with After Glows Publishing! I’m finished the rewrite of A Reflection of Ice and have it out with beta readers, so once I get critiques back, I’ll be doing the final two edits on this and then submit it by the end of the month! Also on the editing front, my content edits for Captured Memories are complete! Onto lines!

Teaser of the week:

Liv was willing to go to war beside him, to descend into the trenches and fight with him against those demons, and hell on earth if that didn_t mean everything.

Line of the week:

“And the largest crew of Dims to sail the seas,” Lorne called from his seat, brandishing his pistol. Fiona’s groan slipped from her throat unbidden. The moment the slur left Lorne’s lips, silence smeared through this tavern like fresh paint. Fiona resisted the urge to strangle her friend as every eye in the bar turned to them. With the Summit for human rights on the horizon in this magic-hating kingdom, only the boldest or stupidest adepts would call attention to themselves.

Lorne had always been both.

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Travel Tuesdays: Chanticleer Gardens


For this adventure, we didn’t even need to travel more than a half hour from home! Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne is a stunningly kept up garden and all around beautiful place to visit. I’d heard of it for years, but never thought to go until one date day, my husband and I decided to leap for it and check out this hidden treasure. And hidden it is, down a lot of windy back roads!


The small redhead is me, but as you can see, the place is just bursting with greenery and life. Chanticleer spread much further than I thought it would too–it felt like we walked forever and still had more to discover! As far as gardens go, I’d rank this fairly high. Oftentimes, you see some greenhouses with splatterdash groupings of plants, but this was a masterfully woven tapestry of flowers, bushes, and trees all surrounding old structures and interacting with the existing buildings.

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Travel Tuesdays: Niagara-On-The-Lake


To think we almost missed this charming little town with its beautiful outlook! For anyone visiting Niagara Falls, once you get your glimpse, ditch the crowds and come up to this amazing town, barely a half hour North. To be honest, we didn’t plan the excursion at all–our lovely host at the Niagara Motor Lodge was the one who told us all about it and after we’d had enough of shoving our way through the crowds on the Canadian side, we decided in a change of plans.


It’s right next to Lake Ontario, and as you’re driving up, prepare to pass about 5 dozen wineries along the way. Not only is this prime wine country, but it’s home of some of the best ice wines in the region. My husband and I stopped at one of the wine shops to do a tasting and we weren’t disappointed–ice wine is lush, sweet brilliance in every drop. And also re-donkulously expensive, so we remained happy with our tasting. Niagara-On-The-Lake is a gorgeous little town littered with unique shops, bakeries, and cafes, and definitely worth a detour.

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Writing Adventure


So, one important part of writing is establishing a setting. In my most recent WIP, an urban fantasy set in Philly, my characters take several trips to Fairmount Park. Since I live in the suburbs of the city, and my husband and I planned a trip to Philly for our anniversary, we thought it’d be a blast to check out Fairmount! (It’d been years since we’d last gone.)


We found a gazebo! And wandered all through the park on a search for cherry blossoms. We couldn’t find them at first since it ended up being before peak bloom, but we managed to find one.


On top of that, we found statues as we walked along the pathway past the Please Touch Museum, and the Shofuso Gardens! Altogether, I found it enriching, and while having a blast, I also garnered details for my edits. An adventure well spent!