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Weekly Word Count: 11/8/18

Word Count: 12,623

What story I’m currently working on:

I finished Hypnotizing Beat! After months and months of pushing it to the back burner! Woo!!!! I did use NaNo fuel to finish it on day one lol, and it ended at 70k. Now that Discord’s Desire #2 is complete, I’m completely charging forward with my Tribal Spirits series. I’m currently at 19k with Forged Futures, and with any luck, I’ll have finished it by the end of the year.

What I’m editing/marketing:

I’m doing some fine tune edits on The Lies We Weave still, but I’m pretty light on work in that department at the moment. Instead, I’m looking forward, because it’s going to be release-a-palooza soon! If you haven’t nabbed your copy of Bustles and Bells yet, the steampunk anthology will be available throughout the holiday season. And Forged Alliances comes out in under a week. I’m so excited to have my Tribal Spirits series restart! After that will be Forged Decisions, available to pre-order on November 20th, and then release day on January 1st! (I may have already seen the gorgeous cover)

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Teaser of the week:

“I_m more of a documentary kind of gal,” Navi responded.Finn let out a gagging sound. “That_s a thousand times worse.”

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Line of the week:

“Yeah, no luck in that department for me either,” he responded. “Instead I’ve become King of the One Night Stand.”

Her gaze glimmered as she nudged him in the arm. “Hey, at least you’re getting some.” She tilted her head up to stare at the ceiling. “Even before Greg passed, it had been awhile, and now no one will touch me with a ten foot pole. Apparently being widowed means I also became celibate.”

A deep hunger burned inside him, and his tiger rammed in his chest, a rumble that traveled up and down. His fingers buzzed with the need to skim across her smooth skin, to grip those hips, and he couldn’t stop his tongue from slipping out to wet his lips, suddenly too dry.

Lana’s gaze transfixed on the motion, making him that much more aware that they sat inches apart. Her lips parted, that pristine shade of roses in early morning, the same scent that lingered around her. The need he felt for her grew painful, a tug in his chest, a kick to his libido that had him shifting in his seat. He’d been trying to tamp the lust he felt for her from the moment they’d met, but it grew into a Herculean task when he saw the same flare in those dew-green eyes.

Fuck it.

Lucas leaned in, closing the distance between them. His lips brushed against hers, soft at first, until that sinful breath of relief came from her.