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Weekly Word Count #146

Word Count: 5,216

What story I’m currently working on:

Thus far, I’ve been really good at staying true to my promises! The fae novella IS finished and out with beta readers! It ended at around 21k, so I just blasted through the rest of it. Of course though, that leaves this big open hole of WHAT DO I WRITE NEXT? However, I think Cupid’s Cafe answered that question, as I started putting the first couple lines down on Lex and Tessa’s story.

What I’m editing/marketing: TOO MUCH. So, this week, my editor actually got the Airship edits back to me AND I turned them back around. OMG. So of course, I’m continuing to stampede through the Wanderers edits as well AND MIGHT EVEN HAVE THEM FINISHED BY NEXT WEEK. Ahhhhh. But that’s not all, folks. My young adult fairytale, A Reflection of Ice came out on Tuesday, huzzah huzzah. And then literally a day later, Corsets and Cogs hit the e-shelves!!!! Now is definitely the time to buy, as it’s only going to stay 99 cents for a week! And of course, the other steampunk boxset I’m in, Gaslights and Graves, is available for pre-order!

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Teaser of the week:

Candace brandished a pint glass at the ready. Ale could soothe most of these ruffians, and she_d become adept at taming tempers.(1)

Line of the week:

Some days, Tessa managed to keep the flames to a minimum, but others, that inferno raged out of control. Today classified as grade A dumpster fire with an extra splash of gasoline.

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Weekly Word Count #140

Word Count: 14,016

What story I’m currently working on:

Back to a normal pace with the Wanderers story! I’m hoping to hit 60k by the end of today, but I’m currently at 58k, and I’m hoping to potentially finish the novel by next week. CAN I DO IT? Again, hopefully. I’m usually able to binge write a little more readily closer to the end because the finish line is in sight. And damn, this whole thing unfolded just so perfectly. I adore this story!

What I’m editing/marketing: Both Of Tinkers and Technomancers and A Reflection of Ice are with the line editors now! I’ll be getting both of them in soon, which will be so much fun, and put each of those books that much closer to release day! I’m going to finish editing my Take to the Skies short this week, so I can get it to my editor. I’m almost there, and I’ll be able to reach this deadline just fine. Once I’m finished that, I am switching editing focus solely to The Airship Also Rises, since both of my betas gave their feedback to me. I have a lot of fun releases on the horizon this year! Also, Gaslights and Graves is now available for pre-order! Nab a copy now!

Teaser of the week:

“Because it took a stubborn technomancer willing to risk everything for those she cared about to remind me I was capable of a little daring too.”.jpg

Line of the week:

“Over the river and through the woods.” Bree flashed him a wide grin, her heart racing with the thrill of wandering through the Warrens, nightmare fodder since she was a kid. Anything could pop out at them here, most of it bloodthirsty and wanting them dead. Meaning, she could stab anything that charged their way, and if that didn’t excite her, little did.

“You’re far too chipper for a life-threatening situation.” Jai cast her a glance, even though a hint of a smile tugged at his lips.

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Weekly Word Count #127

Word Count: 13,336

What story I’m currently working on: The moral of this story is slow and steady wins the race. Rather than my normal binge efforts, I’ve been doing a steady pace of 1600 words a day since NaNo began, and it shows. I just hit 15k with The Airship Also Rises, and I’m moving forward at a steady speed, though I might have a couple rocky days ahead with general busy-ness. Omg guys. Writing Bea and the crew is just…my heart. The snark flies off the page. I could sit there and just write them arguing for 100 pages and be perfectly content.

What I’m editing/marketing: Since Captured Memories came out last month, I’ve got a wee break before Of Tinkers and Technomancers and A Reflection of Ice release! In the interim, I’m going to pound through Forged Decisions and get it sent in to my editor. By the time I report in next week, the book will be off! That’s a promise! (I’m really close) And my beta readers have started ripping apart Musketeer Pirates, so it’s perfect timing. Once I’m done with Forged Decisions, that also means I can start writing book three in the Tribal Spirits series, Forged Contracts.

Teaser of the week:

Wistful notes spoke of loneliness, as solitary as the final birdsong of autumn or the trill of summer_s last cicada before the wintry freeze.

Line of the week:

“You’re making a mistake,” said hapless bastard finally spoke up, his voice reedy and thin with fear. “If you try and turn me in, you’ll be making an enemy of the British crown.”

I couldn’t help it. I burst out laughing.

Every eye in the silent room stopped and stared at me as the laughs ripped from my throat, the deep, aching sort that welled up from the depths of my chest. Mordecai nudged the man forward down the aisle, closer and closer to Blackwind, entertaining a rueful grin of his own. Even Isabella let out a snort, a smile on her lips.

Out of anyone he could’ve threatened me with, the redcoats were the last on my list of concerns. They’d already taken our number the day we stole that Gods-damned box.

My shoulders still quaked as I wiped a couple tears from my eyes. “That ship’s already sailed, boy-o, but good of you for the heads up.”

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Weekly Word Count #111

Word Count: 17100

What story I’m full *steam* ahead on this steampunk story! And by that, I mean by the next update it’s going to be finished. I’m at 28k and I’m only projecting about 30ish for this novella! Which means what project comes next will be a roulette, lol. Who knows!I even did a bit more of the Musketeer Pirate story, closing out another chapter at 5k. Slowly, this world is starting to unfold, and it’s been a joy to write behind the scenes. Every ounce of it is pure inspiration.

What I’m editing/marketing: NONE OF THE THINGS! Well, mostly because I’m writing like a beast. Captivating Melody is still in edits, but it’s just paused while I push through on this steampunk story…which I can soon edit! Although, on a super cool note, I’m currently doing edits on the audio files for the Airship Named Desire audio book. I’m not going to lie, this narrator is so talented she’ll give you goosebumps. I haven’t fallen in love with a voice like this since FemShep.

Teaser of the week:


Line of the week:

“Because it took a stubborn technomancer willing to risk everything for those she cared about to remind me that I was capable of a little daring too.” He offered her a half-smile, trying to ignore the way his pulse quickened, at how his heart twisted with the intensity of the admiration he felt for her. He’d offered many, many lies in his day, but this was the solemn truth, and by the blazes, it felt glorious to let it free.

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Weekly Word Count #63

Word Count: 10,686 (You can tell I’m nearing the end when my word counts jump up like this.)

What story I’m working on: Rising for Autumn, and I’m at 50k! Only 10,000 more words until I burst past the finish liiinnne and then it’s edits and submission time!

What I’m editing/marketing: Currently editing Night Awakens and Captivating Melody simultaneously. It’s a doozy. As for marketing, I’m pimping the hell out of recently released Scrying for Summer, A Tale of Two Airships, and the Airship Named Desire sale–it’s only 99 cents at the moment!

Line of the week: (MYYYY HEEARRRRRT. This section slayed me.)

The purple sky spread out full of distant promise, the stars twinkling just out of reach. She memorized the proud arch of his nose, those full lips, and the somber eyes of a man who’d experienced enough grief to make anyone a monster. And yet, she’d never met a more caring individual in her life. A thousand words blossomed to her lips and died there, because no amount of speaking could communicate the depths of how he’d affected her. Of how he’d changed her.

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Weekly Word Count #62

Word Count: 5,530

What story I’m working on: Rising for Autumn! And I’m starting to hit a groove with it at last, so I’m thinking I can probably get these next 20k words out in the next two weeks. WE SHALL SEE.

What I’m editing/marketing: Was editing a Tale of Two Airships and marketing the shit out of Scrying for Summer. WHY? Because Scrying for Summer is OUT, and A Tale of Two Airships is up for PRE-ORDER! WOOOOOOO!!!!!

Line of the week:

Despite all the sins he’d committed, she deemed him worthy of forgiveness, and wasn’t that just life? The one person he couldn’t have was the one he’d fallen for.

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Weekly Word Count #21

Halloween is tomorrow! What are you doing to prepare for it? Will you be taking munchkins out trick or treating? Or hitting up a fun party? I’ll be dressing up and throwing a party at my place as I do every year : ) I love Halloween!

Word Count: 5,520

What story I’m working on: Tale of Two Airships. Ramping up to the final section/big confrontation! And I got a new story percolating in my brain, something that’s starting to strike my inspiration once more.

What I’m editing/marketing: Got another round of edits in for Hunting for Spring, so I plowed through them, but I’ve also been pushing forward with edits of the Tuatha De Danaan story.

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Weekly Word Count #20

This is my favorite time of year, when the leaves are all crunchy and the winds aren’t horribly cold yet. I love the chill of autumn and the excitement in the air as everyone embraces the weird in preparation for Halloween.

Word Count: 6,443 (starting to pick up steam on this book. Get it? Steampunk? Har har.)

What story I’m working on: Tale of Two Airships. I just got to a really sad scene that broke my heart, which is what pushed me out of my writing rut. Listened to the Clockwork Dolls‘ song Hold the Line the entire time.

What I’m editing/marketing: Editing the Tuatha De Danaan story at the moment, and loving these edits! Also just started working on the formatting for the revision of Airship, because I’d like to release that by the end of November or December!

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Weekly Word Count #19

This week my focus has been on Solstice Brews and preparing for Steampunk Unlimited. I’m one of their guest authors there, but I’m also vending for my tea company and selling copies of Airship and Curiouser!

Word Count: 4, 625

What story I’m working on: A Tale of Two Airships

What I’m editing/marketing: Letting a beta look over Airship Named Desire revision right now and then I’ll be finalizing it and republishing it. Which means I’ve had the spare time to begin editing the Tuatha de Danaan story ❤ I love that story so much!

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Weekly Word Count #18

Going to crank out as much as I can this week since next week’s a wash. Mean’s airships and pirates will be roving through my brain!

Word Count: 5,485

What story I’m working on: A Tale of Two Airships! I’ve been stumbling through the plot so far, but things are beginning to come together. I did a complete change-up from the original arc of the plot, but I sort of like these new aspects more. I swear this always happens when I write–I have a big idea, but the big idea only spans a couple chapters, and then all the little ideas crop up along the way until better twists and turns jump into my mind. While I’m not master of the plot twist, I think my readers still can find some spots surprising–mostly because I didn’t know they were coming either, ha!

What I’m editing/marketing:

I’m editing An Airship Named Desire. I’ve got some beta feedback and am impatient to start working on the Tuatha de Danaan story, but I think it’s best if I finish the Airship edits first before tackling the next set. I’m also working with my editor on Hunting for Spring. I’m SO excited to share that one with folks.