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Weekly Word Count #20

This is my favorite time of year, when the leaves are all crunchy and the winds aren’t horribly cold yet. I love the chill of autumn and the excitement in the air as everyone embraces the weird in preparation for Halloween.

Word Count: 6,443 (starting to pick up steam on this book. Get it? Steampunk? Har har.)

What story I’m working on: Tale of Two Airships. I just got to a really sad scene that broke my heart, which is what pushed me out of my writing rut. Listened to the Clockwork Dolls‘ song Hold the Line the entire time.

What I’m editing/marketing: Editing the Tuatha De Danaan story at the moment, and loving these edits! Also just started working on the formatting for the revision of Airship, because I’d like to release that by the end of November or December!

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Weekly Word Count #19

This week my focus has been on Solstice Brews and preparing for Steampunk Unlimited. I’m one of their guest authors there, but I’m also vending for my tea company and selling copies of Airship and Curiouser!

Word Count: 4, 625

What story I’m working on: A Tale of Two Airships

What I’m editing/marketing: Letting a beta look over Airship Named Desire revision right now and then I’ll be finalizing it and republishing it. Which means I’ve had the spare time to begin editing the Tuatha de Danaan story ❤ I love that story so much!

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Weekly Word Count #18

Going to crank out as much as I can this week since next week’s a wash. Mean’s airships and pirates will be roving through my brain!

Word Count: 5,485

What story I’m working on: A Tale of Two Airships! I’ve been stumbling through the plot so far, but things are beginning to come together. I did a complete change-up from the original arc of the plot, but I sort of like these new aspects more. I swear this always happens when I write–I have a big idea, but the big idea only spans a couple chapters, and then all the little ideas crop up along the way until better twists and turns jump into my mind. While I’m not master of the plot twist, I think my readers still can find some spots surprising–mostly because I didn’t know they were coming either, ha!

What I’m editing/marketing:

I’m editing An Airship Named Desire. I’ve got some beta feedback and am impatient to start working on the Tuatha de Danaan story, but I think it’s best if I finish the Airship edits first before tackling the next set. I’m also working with my editor on Hunting for Spring. I’m SO excited to share that one with folks.

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Weekly Word Count #17

Made it through Pope-ageddon in Philly, but that didn’t deter me from writing anyway. (Though it did deter a lot of folks who work in the city) Onwards and upwards!

Word Count: 3, 012 (slow progress on A Tale of Two Airships because my Hunting for Spring edits came in! Deadlines, yo)

What story I’m working on: A Tale of Two Airships (that’s right, bitches. We have a title now!) Also working on my column for BTSemag, as I’m their YA columnist now!

What I’m editing/marketing: Editing the revamp of An Airship Named Desire, and, I got edits in for Hunting for Spring, so I plowed through them earlier in the week.

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Weekly Word Count #16

October is coming! What does that mean? Well, since everyone I know seems to be a Libra and Halloween is my favorite holiday, it’ll be jam packed. No excuses though, I’ll be writing away!

Word Count: 3,978 (a light week)

What story I’m working on: Airship the Sequeling. Stay tuned though–I’ve got a title for this beastie that I’ll be revealing soon.

What I’m editing/marketing:

I’m currently waiting on edits for Hunting for Spring, yee! And the Tuatha de Danaan story is out with the betas, yay! Apart from my usual pimping of my backlist, that’s been my main agenda! (This week honestly, I’ve been wrapped up with building a patio on the side of my house. Did I mention I’m not handy?)

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Balancing a Story

So, I’m writing the sequel to Airship, and I think one of the biggest concerns I have is that folks will be disappointed with the change in action. It’s a little more cerebral than the first book, but for good reason. With Bea as a Captain now, she can’t just respond to orders–she’s got to come up with them. And so a lot of what was just instinct and reaction before has to have forethought and logic behind it before choices are made.

This is a big transition book for Bea, seeing her grow as a character and how she comes to accept responsibility. What I want throughout this book, is to establish her as the Captain, and grow her confidence in leadership. She was comfortable bossing around before, but in the beginning of this novel, she does a lot of second guessing to her choices and self-blame–even though she’s been running the Desire for a couple years now, the decisions aren’t instinctual yet, and she doesn’t have the experience that her predecessor did with making them.

Hence the trickiness with writing this follow up…but one thing I can promise is that there’s still plenty of danger and the same smart-talking, trouble attracting, hapless crew as always.

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Weekly Word Count #15

Time to crank out the weeklies. Or cry in a corner and rock back and forth. The glamorous life of an artist, switching to and from happiness and despair within the span of a day. Ding ding, you have got a wonderful review! *basks in the joy of a thousand suns* Ding, ding, your manuscript has gotten rejected! *melds into the floor until becoming one with the sludge stains*

Word Count: 4, 316 (another slow week)

What story I’m working on: Airship the Sequeling!

What I’m editing/marketing: I just finished my edits on A Reflection of Ice this week and sent out my first submission, so I’m feeling pretty awesome about that. As for marketing, I’m currently marketing Curiouser!!! The Caffeine Crew project is finally available in print!