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Happy Valentine’s Free Day!

To those of you who want a little romance in their lives on Valentine’s Day, go download a copy of Stolen Petals!


Get your copy here: Stolen Petals

“While the two contenders are checking each other out like prized fighters in a ring, the pages fairly sizzle with their mutual carnal tension.” —Wicked Women Book Blog

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An Airship Named Desire–THE RE-RELEASE!

Enjoy, guys.

I put my love, hard work, and passion into fine tuning this beauty after I got her back from Hazardous Press. Why? Because if I’m going to make this into a series, she needed to be nice and shiny.

Get yourself a copy HERE for free–today only! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Airships, sky-pirates, smugglers, and soldiers…An Airship Named Desire will take you for a thrilling ride.

Ever since their last botched smuggling job, First Mate Bea and the crew of her airship can barely afford fuel, let alone a barrel of grog. So when a gentleman from Old Germany offers them a fortune to steal a locked box from a British merchant airship, they jump on the opportunity. However, their employer forgot to mention the box’s military escort and the Morlock mercenaries who would slit throats to get their hands on it. Oh, and if made public, the contents could engulf Europe in another devastating war.

Stealing the box was the easy part. Now, with a target on their back and some of the toughest characters in the skies after them, if the crew of the Desire doesn’t polish their pistols and prepare for a hell of a fight, they’ll end up worse than grounded. After all, everyone from the Brits to the Morlocks will kill for the contents of that box, and no one survives an airship crash.


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Stolen Petals Free Day!

Day before Thanksgiving, if you need a reprieve amid all the insanity, why not download Stolen Petals for free?

stolenpetals_600x900Don’t miss out on the chance! Get your copy HERE!

One man has swiped bounties from Viola, the Brass Violet, for years. Longstanding rivals, they’ve only had brief encounters, and if she had a choice, she’d avoid him entirely. When he saunters into her bar with an offer to work together on a job, the proper response would be to shoot him down and send him back to Shantytown. However, curiosity’s a wicked beast, and Viola needs to know why, after so many years of stealing her marks, he’d approach her now.

The man is insufferable, annoyingly cavalier, and tends to stir up memories she’d rather forget–but she needs assistance on this job and he’s offering aid and blueprints which could cut their work in half.

Given the intense way he looks at her though, working together isn’t all he has in mind. Van Clef is known for his persistence and, with his charm, he wins women over effortlessly. Viola’s not so easy though–she’s wise to his tricks. But if he wants to play the game, she will gladly rise to the challenge. By the end of this bounty, she’ll be the one leaving him in the dust.

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Surprise! Free day of Stolen Petals!

Since I just got back from Steampunk Unlimited, I’m your Santa Clause dressed in gears and goodwill, and today only, download a copy of Stolen Petals for free!


Where do you get a copy? Why, HERE of course!

Not sure if you’ll like it? Well, you could always see what these reviewers had to say:

“In short this is an truly smart and quirky read; set in an alternate time, and with a few steam-punk touches thrown in for good measure the book is a brilliant way to watch a couple of hours float by.” —My Little Book Blog

“While the two contenders are checking each other out like prized fighters in a ring, the pages fairly sizzle with their mutual carnal tension.” —Wicked Women Book Blog

” It’s been a long time since I was so wrapped up in a couple, wanting to scream at them to just kiss each other.” —Rainy Thursdays