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Weekly Word Count #30

First word count of the new year!! I’ve got high hopes for this year, and I hope you all will join me for a wild ride. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Happy New Year!Let's kick some ass!

Word Count: 2,500

What story I’m working on: Night Awakens! I managed to squeeze a little writing time in between the holiday chaos.

What I’m editing/marketing: I’ll be getting back to editing The Iron Legacy, and marketing is currently dominated by the Airship Named Desire re-release, as well as Hunting for Spring!

Catch a free copy of Airship today only: HERE

Line of the week:

“You. Idiot.” I ground out the words through my gritted teeth. “Follow my lead,” I mocked his earlier words, my voice coming out low and barely restrained. “What part of ‘I’ve got a handle on this’ involves stomping into the chief’s office and leading with the fact that I’m a nightshade?”

Darren heaved out a sigh. “Maybe I didn’t think it the whole way through.”

“My LIFE is on the line,” I hissed, “why the hell would you leave that to a dice roll?”