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New Steampunk Romance Contract!

Of Tinkers and Technomancers, my steampunk romance, is contracted with After Glows Publishing!

When technomancer Theo Whitfield’s sister goes missing, she’s forced to work alongside an arrogant prat she’s long despised, the tinker, Silas Kylock. Her sister nicked his clockwork doll, and she needs his help to track the stolen merchandise and by proxy, her sister. However, the more time they spend together, the more she sees Silas as the man she’d run through the streets of Islington with and not the insufferable gentleman he’s become. And Theo’s not the only one afflicted. Silas never forgot the loyal, stubborn woman whose temper he can’t help but spark. As their search grows more dire, her dedication to her family inspires him to make sacrifices of his own for the technomancer who’s captured his heart.

As the hunt brings them to a deadly confrontation with the gangs of Islington, both Theo and Silas find their lives and hearts on the line.

Add it on Goodreads HERE!

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Weekly Word Count #113

Word Count: 11,037

What story I’m currently working on: Since Forged Alliances will probably be coming out in a month or two, I’m definitely making headway on book two, Forged Decisions. I hit 25k today and will probably keep trucking along on it the rest of the week. Finn and Navi’s story is really starting to resonate with me, and I am loving writing it. I also put another thousand or so words into the Musketeer Pirates story, almost hitting 8k! And on the positive, I’m starting a new series concept to submit to a proposal call and also to write once I’m done Forged Decisions. Guys, it’s VIKINGS. And Loki runs a bar called the Asgard Lounge. And I already got the first chapter done, almost rounding out the first 3k. WOO!!!

What I’m editing/marketing: Well now, I got my Steampunk with a Twist story back from beta readers, so I’m editing at a leisurely pace. It’s absolutely lovely. Also still waiting on the Airship Named Desire audio book to release. EEEE. Also, Captured Memories has a projected release date of October 17th. Excite. and Forged Alliances has a tentative release date of September 19th, but honestly it’s just going to be a matter of how quickly Tamzin and I work. EEEEEE.

Teaser of the week:

“Mislabeled the sign,” a cocky voice called from the door. “Should read ‘Doggie Daycare_ with the amount of pups packed into this place.” The man_s eyes twinkled with his l

Line of the week:

“I’m not sorry for giving a fuck about you, Navi,” he said, crossing his arms in front of his chest as he leaned against the side of the car, close enough she could feel the heat emanating off his body. “You’ve got strength in spades, but there’s so much more to you than the burden you’re shouldering, sweetheart. I’m more interested in the woman standing before me whose single moment of softness is worth a thousand from anyone else.”

She opened her mouth, but the words dried on her tongue. The intensity sparking in Finn’s hazel eyes, the muscles of his neck taut as he argued with her, and the way his thick brows furrowed with the same irritation that flowed through her—all of it had her ensnared. He was supposed to be the same as all the others, a no-strings-attached fling. And yet the more she got to know Finn Kelly, the more she connected with him, fought with him, and talked with him, she couldn’t help but like the bastard.

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Weekly Word Count #110

Word Count: 11511

What story I’m working on: …what a different a week makes. That Steampunk with a Twist story ended up being the best choice to work on, because I’m already at 12k, which means I’m almost halfway through! The characters are lively, the setting strong and unique, and the story is resonating with me in a marvelous way. I also reached 4k with my YA fantasy project currently written as Musketeer Pirate in my Word doc.

What I’m editing/marketing: I did a broad sweep through for Captivating Melody, but now is time for some nitty gritty and the detailed reworking to rewrite and better this manuscript. Even though it had its flaws, I can say without fail, I still love the story. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, Waking for Winter came out last week!

Teaser of the week:


Line of the week:

The change of pace didn’t bode well for Ellie or his clockwork maid, but Silas had long learned to school his features. He flashed her a smile. “Scared of a little trot across town, Theo? I can understand if it might be too harrowing for a lady like yourself.”

She shot him an acidic glare, the worry stealing away from her features to be replaced by her usual annoyance. Good. He’d rather distract her for the time being.

“If anyone might have difficulty trekking about town, it’d be you in those fashionable shoes, Silas,” Theo shot back. “Did you have to break the backs of five servants to afford those things?”

“Your jealousy is duly noted,” he said, rising to his feet and brushing off his trousers at the knees. He leaned forward, extending a hand. “Now let’s get a move on with hunting down our quarry.”

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Weekly Word Count #109

Word Count: 6500

What story I’m working on: Umm, I might be biting off more than I can chew, ha! So, with my secret Musketeers Pirate project, I hit 3k, Forged Decisions I slowed down to 15k, and I began my Steampunk with a Twist story, making it to 1500 words. I don’t normally balance three, but the Musketeers Pirate one is purely for fun, I’m a bit stalled on Forged Decisions until I find out the fate of the beginning of the series, and the Steampunk for a Twist one has a definite deadline, making it the easiest and clearest one to plunge into.

What I’m editing/marketing: Since Captivating Melody went through the rejection wringer, in the interim I re-read it and critiqued, so now I’m going through the edits and trying to prettify this old manuscript and inject some new life into it. I think there’s a lot of good I can do with it. Also, WAKING FOR WINTER is out!

Teaser of the week:

_Liv applied her cherry red lipstick in her rearview mirror with the precision of experience, her brand of war paint to give her confidence today._

Line of the week:

Droplets of salt water hit Fiona’s face as she propped herself up on the prow of the ship to catch the first glimpse of the land up ahead. Nine years had passed since she last set foot on this land—nine years since she’d been sold away and banished from this place. However, this time, she wasn’t a kid anymore. She’d trained, fought, and killed out on the seas, and this time, the entire country of Caer Donis better shake in their boots, because Fiona Blackwater had returned.

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Weekly Word Count #107

Word Count: 2006

What story I’m working on: I know, I know, I have failed this city, rounding out the week with 7k on Forged Decisions. I did so much editing this week that there wasn’t much time for anything else. On top of that I’ve been a little aimless. I definitely need a new project to sink my teeth into and get the juices flowing so that I can keep on keeping on with Forged Decisions and The Airship Also Rises.

What I’m editing/marketing: EDITING LIKE A BOSS. SERIOUSLY. I’m in the final round of edits for Outlier Heir, my YA space opera, so woot!! Plus, fiddling around with marketing like a boss, since Waking for Winter’s release is going to come before I’m ready, lol.

Teaser of the week:

Alanna Carrington, head witch of the Philadelphia Coven, hurtled his way, and with her, trouble was a guarantee.

Line of the week:

“What if the owner’s a guy?” Finn teased. “Are you saying you want to flirt with him too?”

“Guy, girl, stick—I don’t care who you flirt with,” she responded. “Just get a pulse on who’s running the operation through their storefront.”

“I feel so used.” Finn smirked as he pulled in front of the general store, cleverly titled just that.


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Weekly Word Count #106

Word Count: 6227

What story I’m working on: On Forged Decisions, I hit 5k, though it’s been a slow moving start. While I wanted to forge ahead on The Airship Also Rises, I keep stalling out on that project, so I decided to do a fun secret side-thing with another author and actually knocked out 3k with that one.

What I’m editing/marketing: Ho-boy do I have a lot going on! So, I got the major crits in on my Future King story, which means it’s time to roll up my sleeves and work some editing magic. And I submitted Cupid’s Cafe to After Glows last week and as of yesterday, Captured Memories now has a home! Which means even after Waking for Winter comes out, I’ll have another story launching this year. Speaking of Waking for Winter, I hope you’re as excited as I am. This story is dear to me, and marks the major accomplishment of my first series coming to a close!

Teaser of the week:

When Cami_s lips touched his, memory took the wheel. He_d never forgotten the sweep of her soft mouth against his, the taste of her sweetness, like strawberries, and the way she fire

Line of the week:

“A mating ceremony? That’s the worst of all,” Navi grumbled back.

Jess rolled her eyes. “Yes, yes, we know. You hate love. Anger, anger, roar.”

Navi snorted into her pillow. Not like she could hide anything from Jess—with the way they’d shared a room most of their lives, the woman was essentially her sister. Every time they officiated a mating ceremony, the nausea rolled through. Not because she hated love, but because she knew the couple had something she would never get. Jess put on a laid-back front, but Navi had watched her try and fail to keep several long distance relationships. When you constantly jumped from city to city, you got the clothes on your back and your Tribe—nothing else.

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Weekly Word Count #105

Word Count: 2,328

What story I’m working on: Well, I’m not quite back to full steam yet, but I’m tippy-toeing forward. Right now I’m balancing two manuscripts–The Airship Also Rises, and Forged Decisions. Forged Decisions is flowing easier at the moment, but the stuff I’ve been writing for the third Airship book is pure awesome. The sort of gems that have my shoulders shaking as I’m writing them.

What I’m editing/marketing:Well, Waking for Winter is all ready to launch, so I’m just trying to set up reviewers and marketing stuff for my release day! I’m pretty excited to share Dante and Cami with everyone, as well as bring that series to a close. I’m starting to get some feedback in on Future King, and I put some major time into working on a query this week. As for Cupid’s Cafe, I’m only waiting on a couple more responses, bu I actually have most of the edits finished. I should probably be able to submit it by next week. Part of what’s slowing me down so much is starting two projects simultaneously while I have two editing projects winding down–I need to get at least one of these off the burner!

Teaser of the week:


Line of the week:

A shot rang through the air, coming from beside me. My jaw twitched.

Sabine stood with her pistol aimed and her finger still on the trigger. Those manicured brows were pulled together in fierce concentration.

“Damnit, Sabine,” I hissed, shooting her a look. “What happened to following my lead?”

She stared back at me with a familiar brand of insolence in those hazel eyes all while feigning innocence. “My finger slipped.”

My blood boiled, and I near had a conniption on the spot. A thousand curses on girls with smart mouths and access to firepower.