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Sneak Peek of Soul Solution

For Erik Anderson, Copenhagen Station was the beginning of a chain—the start of his route. These were stops he’d traveled for ages while the seasons cycled and the years faded to dust. He’d passed his time long ago, but final rest lay far off for him. Sell your soul to a death dealer, and you don’t get rewarded with a steak dinner. He’d struck the bargain, and he was serving his sentence; to collect a thousand souls.

This is an intense, darker story, and one I’m thrilled to share. Soul Collectors, forbidden love, and a gorgeous, lush adventure through the Copenhagen line!

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Writing Installment #4

So, today’s my day off from my other assortment of jobs, which means goals on the writing front. Despite my sparkling new idea I had begun to work on, I got a response on the challenge I’d applied for from the publisher who brought out By the Sea, Poisoned Apple and the up and coming, Soul Solution. This is another one like Soul Solution, a Beyond Fairytales challenge. Since I love fairytales and I love challenges, I figured it was a perfect fit, and ho-damn, it definitely is.

I was lucky and got the Celtic fairy tale of Connla and the Fairy Maiden. About a page or so long, it was a simple story, as most fairy tales are, and yet the second I finished, my brain started bubbling forth with ideas, of hunters, and Philly, and the fae.

So, even though I started this last Wednesday, I’m already plowing through at 10,000 words. My goal for this one is a little loftier than the average novella–I’d like to get my story up to 50-60,000 range. Since I only have 6 months to write and edit, I think that’s stepping up my challenge game a bit.

Thankfully, I love challenges.

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News: Ringing in the New Year Right!

Already in 2015, I have two awesome things on the horizon, both involving the lovely Decadent Publishing:

1) Poisoned Apple will be available in an audio book at a future date. We’re going through auditions right now.

2) I just signed a contract with Decadent for my novella, A Soul Solution, part of their Beyond Fairytales series!!!

Looks like I’ll have no shortage of work this year–and I’m LOVING IT!

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Twisted String of Pearls

Since I’m almost finished with the Beyond Fairytales challenge: String of Pearls, I thought I’d share a snippet!


He opened his mouth, but stopped. He had nothing to counter with, because at the heart of it. She was right. Unfortunately he’d lost his chance to choose a long time ago. He had too much of his debt to repay still and no end in sight, meaning he was trapped in this miserable existence. Dabbling with her had been a mistake, simply because getting a taste of true happiness was exquisite pain once stolen away.


Stay tuned, kids! More updates, news, and sneak peeks on the way

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Decisions, decisions

Just wanted to update folks on progress!

I’m trucking through the Beyond Fairytales story, my twist on String of Pearls. It’s a lot of fun so far and I’m hoping readers will enjoy.

Once finished, I’ll work on editing my scifi pirate adventure, one that I’m excited to revisit and work on.

However, after that, I’m not sure where to go next since I’ve got several things brewing around.

I’ve been asked by multiple people for a sequel to An Airship Named Desire and I even have a concept for the second book. I also have a twist on Arthurian legend that I’ve been working on for years. I love the base concept and I’ve ALWAYS loved Arthurian legend, so I’m considering rewriting the piece.

Any thoughts?