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Weekly Word Count #127

Word Count: 13,336

What story I’m currently working on: The moral of this story is slow and steady wins the race. Rather than my normal binge efforts, I’ve been doing a steady pace of 1600 words a day since NaNo began, and it shows. I just hit 15k with The Airship Also Rises, and I’m moving forward at a steady speed, though I might have a couple rocky days ahead with general busy-ness. Omg guys. Writing Bea and the crew is just…my heart. The snark flies off the page. I could sit there and just write them arguing for 100 pages and be perfectly content.

What I’m editing/marketing: Since Captured Memories came out last month, I’ve got a wee break before Of Tinkers and Technomancers and A Reflection of Ice release! In the interim, I’m going to pound through Forged Decisions and get it sent in to my editor. By the time I report in next week, the book will be off! That’s a promise! (I’m really close) And my beta readers have started ripping apart Musketeer Pirates, so it’s perfect timing. Once I’m done with Forged Decisions, that also means I can start writing book three in the Tribal Spirits series, Forged Contracts.

Teaser of the week:

Wistful notes spoke of loneliness, as solitary as the final birdsong of autumn or the trill of summer_s last cicada before the wintry freeze.

Line of the week:

“You’re making a mistake,” said hapless bastard finally spoke up, his voice reedy and thin with fear. “If you try and turn me in, you’ll be making an enemy of the British crown.”

I couldn’t help it. I burst out laughing.

Every eye in the silent room stopped and stared at me as the laughs ripped from my throat, the deep, aching sort that welled up from the depths of my chest. Mordecai nudged the man forward down the aisle, closer and closer to Blackwind, entertaining a rueful grin of his own. Even Isabella let out a snort, a smile on her lips.

Out of anyone he could’ve threatened me with, the redcoats were the last on my list of concerns. They’d already taken our number the day we stole that Gods-damned box.

My shoulders still quaked as I wiped a couple tears from my eyes. “That ship’s already sailed, boy-o, but good of you for the heads up.”

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NaNoWriMo 2015

I’ll be participating this year–I usually try to every year, even if it’s just a matter of churning more words out for my current WIP. This November, my main goal is finishing a Tale of Two Airships. Not to be petulant, but I have way too many new stories brewing around in my head that I’m anxious to work on, and a kickass YA fantasy to edit, so I want to get MOVING on this project!

That means not only will fans of An Airship Named Desire have a groovy new revision to feast on, but by next year, they’ll also have a sequel. And *hint* a third book will be written after that, rounding out the series. I’ve got a plan, folks. A vaguely tenuous, highly sketchy plan, but those are the best kind.

Who else will be participating in NaNoWriMo this year? Tell me about what you’re working on! A new story? A blank page? A meticulously detailed and plotted story you’re waiting to unleash on the world? I’ll be doing regular check-ins over here, so join in the fun!

Kittens, coffee, and happy writing,