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Music Monday- Picture This

One of my favorite ways to push through writer’s block and attract some inspiration is through music, and I’ve taken to making playlists. That’s why I wanted to start this feature–to find out what songs served as inspiration for some of your favorite books!

Today let’s welcome Marilyn Baxter onto the blog to discuss Picture This:

Picture This_FINAL

Most of my writing is done to instrumental music playlist because if it’s a song I know, I’ll end up singing instead of writing. And on that playlist is music by Enya, Secret Garden and Ennio Morricone (whose Cinema Paradiso soundtrack is nothing short of pure heaven). I also like Alan Silvestri’s soundtrack from the film Romancing the Stone because it’s good music, it has both soft romantic tracks in addition to more intense tracks, and the heroine of that movie is a romance novelist! I had a few specific songs that really fit this book at certain parts of the story and they are:

So Close (from the movie Enchanted) fits when I’m at the black moment because the characters are so close to reaching that famous happy end. But they’re still so far – until I kick them in the backside and get them to happily ever after.

Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N Roses fits on two levels because when the hero sees the heroine’s face she takes him to a special place. And they’re having a baby together – their sweet child.

Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler actually fits every book I write because what woman isn’t holding out for a hero? Doesn’t she toss and turn and dream of what she needs?

Open Arms by Journey worked during part of the book because the hero and heroine sailed on together and then drifted apart and now he’s come back with open arms though she’s not quite ready to take him back.

At Last by the inimitable Etta James – I listen to this at the end of every book because at last the hero or heroine’s love has come along and the lonely days are over. And at last I’ve written “The End!”

My as-yet-untitled WIP involved the sister of PICTURE THIS’s hero, a forty-something woman with two disastrous relationships in her past. Then she meets a cute, hot, smart, talented guy who is obviously interested in her, but can she get over the last two guys who hurt her AND the eight-year age difference between the two of them. Stay tuned for further developments. I can already tell one of the songs on this playlist will be Make You Feel My Love by Adele.



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