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Forged Alliances on Sale!

If you didn’t check out Forged Alliances, Tribal Spirits #1, yet, nab it for only 99 cents!


Sierra and Dax’s alliance is already rocky. He’s a cocky wiseass, and she doesn’t put up with bullshit. So, when a mating bond appears between them, it threatens to send them both running.

Sierra Kanoska fought hard for her position as wolf alpha of the Red Rock pack, and intruders in her territory receive the full brunt of what her claws, fangs and smarts can accomplish. So, when Dax Williams, de facto alpha of the Silver Springs pack, pays an unwelcome visit, Sierra’s ready to toss him out. However, the pack elders sabotaged Dax’s fight for alpha against his brother, driving him from his lands. Sierra hates underhanded crap like that, so she agrees on an alliance.

As they work together, she witnesses an alpha who wants to do right by his pack, not just a cocky wiseass. Their growing attraction blazes hot, but the moment she and Dax lock lips, a mating bond emerges. Sierra sure as hell isn’t ready to share that intimate connection with a stranger and the thought of forever sends Dax running.

Before they can talk, the Tribe commanding the East Coast shifters arrives to settle the dispute. Dax and his brother’s punishment for their pack’s civil war is a free-for-all on their lands. Not only does he have to defeat his brother, but any challenger in the region. Despite Dax and Sierra’s initial resistance, his wily charm relaxes her control-freak tendencies while her steadfast support bolsters his strength. Yet every new opponent places their newfound relationship under siege—one misstep, one wrong blow in the ring, and Dax could leave in a bodybag.

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Snatched Sale: Only 99 cents!


For the next couple of days, Snatched is available for only 99 cents99 cents!

When Kara was ten, the shifters took her parents.

A year ago, they took her best friend Hunter.

And now, the night before her first military strike against those monsters on the surface, the shifters take the only person she has left: her little sister Lizzy.

The snatched don’t come back. That’s what Kara’s believed her entire life, but the first person she finds above ground is the best friend she thought lost forever. Turns out, the higher ups lied. Other colonies are out there, hell even folks who toughed it up above. If anyone knows how to get her sister back, these people would. However, unless she can rally these surfacers into an army, one girl with a shotgun won’t survive long against the very creatures that overturned her world.

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Weekly Word Count #144

Word Count: 5500

What story I’m currently working on:

I’m back to a normal pace! Which means I’ll probably be able to finish this fae story by next week! After hitting the wall for so long with the other concept, this one is a cork popped free and I’m just flowing with it. I love paranormal romance, and this is a sweet, breezy one in a similar vein to By the Sea. I’m now at 9k on this story, and while the minimum for the anthology is 15k, I’m thinking I’ll probably end up at 20k. This is the fae story for the Legends of the Veil anthology that is coming out in August!

What I’m editing/marketing: Well, shit. A Reflection of Ice is coming out on March 27th, and it’s already available for pre-order! I’m going to make a ballsy promise with the Airship edits, that I’ll be finished them by the time I report in next week and have them sent to the editor. I’m close though. In the final 20 pages for the vibrancy edits I do, and a couple chapters in already for the grammatical and read aloud edits. If you’re looking for more fun, Gaslights and Graves is available for pre-order! And it’s sales galore this week, with both A Tale of Two Airships and Snatched available for only 99 cents!

Join my brigade:

The best ways to get involved with my work is by joining my ARC List, my Facebook Group, or sign up for my Patreon!

Teaser of the week:

The ice castle awaits those lonely enough to find it...

Line of the week:

She reminded him of the lake itself or a waterfall come to life, the way the liveliness just poured out of her, how it sparkled in the sun.

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99 Cent Sale!

From February 16th to 23rd, By the Sea will be on sale at for 99 cents!

By-the-Sea200x300Get it HERE

Most kids had imaginary friends, but most weren’t like Megan’s friend Niall. There were rules: only at night and only by the sea. She could’ve sworn he was real, but when someone vanishes without a trace, what else can you believe?

All that was seven years ago, buried in the past until Niall shows up in town with his tight swimmer’s body and easy smile. For Megan, just the sight of him is enough to tear open a scar that never fully healed. However, their reunion only elicits more questions. Niall’s keeping secrets, unbelievable ones, and as Megan delves into the supernatural depths of who he really is, she’s sure he’ll vanish again.

Megan’s not stupid—she knows how bad it’ll hurt if she gets involved. The first time Niall disappeared, she never thought she’d recover. But the moment they lock eyes, it’s too late—because Megan will go to any length to see that boy smile.