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Back from Vacation

So as much as I adore writing and it’s become a daily habit for me, I must admit, having a week off was glorious. Although it was more than the act of writing–when I’m feeling it, or in the throes of a story, nothing can keep me away from a blank page. What I had sorely needed was a week off of the business end of things. A week off from social media. A week off from worrying over the countless submissions I’ve been waiting for responses on. A week off from letting the rejections, frustrations, and sense of futility seep into my veins.

Now, this sounds a bit desperate, I must admit–it hasn’t all been this way. And besides, this year I’ve met some wonderful people on and offline that have truly helped turn things around, and I’ll always keep fighting, because writing’s been my dream for as long as I can remember. But there’s this armor I’ve been wearing all year, this launch into a battle where I’ve made little headway, and it’s wearying. It’s exhausting and until I took this vacation, I hadn’t quite realized how much it wore on my psyche.

To all of you little rays of sunshine this year–you’re what makes it possible to weather through the tough patches though. I’m always learning, and I think this was a big year for that. The vacation put things in great perspective, and I think I’m all recharged to step into the battlefield again and give my all.


Also, Canada was gorgeous. My husband and I had a great time exploring.