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Stolen Petals Revived

StolenPetals_200x300(1)Viola partners up with her rival Edward out of necessity, but when that spark ignites between them, their dance will only end in bad decisions, or heartbreak.

For those who were waiting on the release of Stolen Petals, never fear. While there were some roadbumps, and an inevitable stall with the closing of Breathless Press, by the end of June, Stolen Petals will be released via KDP. I mean, I have the edited copy, I’ve got a gorgeous cover–why not just take the plunge and release it myself?

Anyway, that means all of the witty banter and sass, as well as the steam, will finally be released!

When, you ask?

June 25th.

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The Future of Stolen Petals


Originally, this would have been release day for Stolen Petals with Breathless Press. However, as many of you know, Breathless Press is closing doors on May 1st, to the chagrin of many. Truly sad news, given the wonderful community of Breathless Press and the hundreds of fantastic books they published.

What does it mean for Stolen Petals? Well, once I’ve received my rights back, I’ll either self publish, or resubmit the story elsewhere. Either way, it will surface again, and hopefully within the year. In the meantime, you can wait for Soul Solution, a Beyond Fairytales romance set to come out with Decadent Publishing!

A little author insight on Stolen Petals: Viola and Edward were an absolute joy to write, but Viola was definitely a bit different from most of my leads. I gravitate towards the sassy, crass type of women, like Bea in Airship Named Desire, or Neve from Poisoned Apple, even though she wasn’t as outspoken. Viola wasn’t like that. Her perspective was fascinating to write, because it was so different from my own. I’m more honest, tend to blurt things out, and while I can be polite or considerate, I prefer less formal settings. She’s someone who thrives in the formal, because she’s had such a foul past, that sinking into the ritual of upper class allows her to focus on trivialities rather than the turmoil of her mind. For a guarded person like her, those circles are perfect.

However, Edward turned into my sassy, crass character, the exact type to strip away each layer of petticoat until he got to the real person behind the facade. Well, and some literal stripping of petticoats occurs.


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Unfortunate News

So, I know I’ve been promising the release of Stolen Petals on April 24th since January after it got picked up by Breathless Press last year. Well, this weekend I received some news that’s putting me in a bind with upholding that.

Breathless Press has released this official statement:

“Breathless Press has decided to close it’s doors after a long year of declining sales. The decision came after a week long process of looking at options to keep the company open. Rather than leaving the authors high and dry, the company decided that the best option was to close before financial hardship hit them like so many other small presses. For those who are supporters, we thank you for your continued support.”


So, what does that mean for Stolen Petals? Well, I’ll be purchasing the edits and the cover from them so I can still release it. While it might not be out on the 24th, it will be out as soon as I can manage. Thank you all for your patience and support!

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Stolen Petals Tea

Not only will my novelette, Stolen Petals, release on April 24th, but the Solstice Brews tea themed after it will as well!


To represent my main character Viola Embrees, I blended an Irish Breakfast tea which would befit any classy soiree. The rose petals were added to accentuate her elegance, since the perfume of those flowers in a hot cuppa are distinctive. I also included juniper however, to represent her cool exterior. While juniper isn’t as frigid as a cool peppermint, blending with the rose, it adds a fruity note to the blend overall, creating one of my favorite cups!

Hope you get to enjoy a cup while reading the steamy novelette!