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An Interlude of Kitties

Because everyone needs a little cute in their day:

Meet Chrono, my oldest and most loyal kitty.

Trigger is our friendliest kitty and a total sweetheart.

Cross is elusive and stinkin cute.

They’re not doing backflips or anything cool, but it’s short lil intros to my cats.

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My Writing Companions

Now that we have the trifecta that my husband and I had planned since we got our first kitten 8 years ago, I wanted to share with you all my three little companions!


Chrono is the first cat. She’s about 8 years old now, since Rob and I got her for our first year anniversary together. Most people upon meeting this cat think that she’s a grumpy wretch. To be fair, she hates most people and animals, so visitors are not high on her list of hooray. She’s quite introverted and gets overly stimulated quick, so most times petting is off the table from strangers. However, she’s 100% different around me. She sleeps by my side most nights, has let me use her as a pillow, drool on her in my sleep, and hold her like a teddy bear. Despite the crankiness she gives to others, she’s been loving, loyal, and steadfast to me.


Trigger is the second cat who will be turning three this year. We got him because he was hyper and fun-loving. We mistakenly thought he’d get Chrono to play. Everyone loves this extroverted kitty upon first meeting him, because he’s sweet, friendly, and adores people. He will trot up to you at a moment’s notice and play for hours on end. However, as a homeowner, he’s also your worst nightmare. He’s not the brightest cat and very food aggressive, so has committed lovely escapades like dumpster diving in our trash, tearing up our curtains, and knocking over everything within his reach.


Cross is our latest kitten, the one we got as a companion for hyperactive Trigger. Upon writing this, she’s 2 1/2 months old–still a teensy nugget. So far it’s tough to tell personality because she’s adjusting to the home, but she’s bounding with kitten energy. She’s definitely bonded to my husband more, which is good because Chrono claimed me as her human years ago. She’s been having fun bouncing around with her big brother and they both leave the big sister alone, which is PERFECT. Probably the most talkative of the three, this little one is constantly mewing.

And there you have it-the trifecta of kittens that prance throughout the house! I love them all dearly for different reasons and couldn’t imagine the place without them!