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Word of the Day: Arduous

Word of the Day: Arduous

What I think it means: Well, I know this one, so it’s not going to be a shocking result. Arduous refers to difficult–strenuous would be a smashing synonym.

What it actually means: Demanding great effort or labor; difficult. I will say, this word is well worth putting in your arsenal, because arduous gets a lot of use. It’s not just a tough task, it’s an arduous one–the implication is more dramatic and therefore evokes more of a feeling.

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Word of the Day: Expeditious

Word of the Day: Expeditious

What I think it means: In a quick, efficient manner. Going on the word expedite here. However, another thought sprung to mind that’d be fun–if you took the alternate root of the word and took in the direction of expedition, it could be an enterprising/adventuring person. I know that’s not the meaning of the word, but I enjoy seeing where my brain takes me.

What it actually means: Marked or acting with prompt efficiency. I knew this one already, but I think it’s a fun word worth revisiting. This one has gotten plenty of mileage in personal usage as well, though more in formal papers than fiction writing.