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Weekly Word Count #134

Word Count: 4,049

What story I’m currently working on: Hit 60k on Airship this week, so I’m getting back into it! Just the final 6 or 7 chapters to write! The moment January 1st hit, my mojo returned, and I’m back to writing every day. I just wrote a super big scene, so now it’s action, action, action from here on out. I also made it 1k into a contemporary romance I’m working on for funsies, no pressure. It’s loosely based on a manuscript I wrote a decade ago, and should be a fun friends to lovers romance.

What I’m editing/marketing:Ho boy. So, I came into this new year swinging. I’m requerying Chasing Fate, just sent Outlier Heir back to the agent who requested an R&R, and I’m still waiting to hear from 5 different publishers about Captivating Melody. If those all end in rejection, I have a couple other places I want to submit to. On top of that, I’m spending all of today giving A Reflection of Ice some love, because I got my edits in! This story is going to be AMAZING.

Teaser of the week:


Line of the week:

Love was like a cup of coffee—best served scalding, because that bitch will burn you every time.