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Overview of 2015

2015 was one hell of a year.

Like peeling off a band-aid, I’ll start with the tough stuff. I had a really tough time establishing a platform, and a lot of faulty fireworks with release days, if you catch my drift. On top of that, one of my publishers shut down, and it was definitely a year I was lost, confused, and isolated.

However, anyone who knows me also knows I’m not one to dwell on the bad. Throw curveballs my way and I’ll do my damndest to fight. And fight I did. I can now happily say that after the tears and upset from the hurdles earlier this year, I’ve reached a place I feel quite hopeful about. On top of all that, this happened to be my most prolific year. I’m always in such a frenzy to create and push myself so hard that I don’t always take account of what I HAVE accomplished.

This year alone, these books came out:

Poisoned Apple

Soul Solution

Solid Ground

Stolen Petals



But on top of that, I also wrote a TON including:

Hunting for Spring

The Iron Legacy

A Reflection of Ice

A Tale of Two Airships

and I’m currently penning a paranormal romance titled Night Awakens

On top of that and getting the YA Columnist position at BTSemag, for the first time, I feel like I’m heading in the right direction as a writer.

However, I didn’t accomplish all of this in a vacuum. I have to say that there were a ton of gamechangers throughout this year that really made the difference. First off, the amazing authors I’ve been honored to work alongside taught me SO SO much this year. These people ROCK. Whether it’s the kickass folks from Boroughs Publishing, Breathless Press, or Decadent Publishing, I’ve learned so much by watching people in action. Getting involved in the writing community has helped me interact with such a phenomenally supportive bunch. You folks are amazing.

My friends who’ve been there through my ups and downs this year–they mean the world to me. My family has always been supportive, and I swear if I didn’t have them as my solid ground (look, I can pun with my own book!) I don’t know if I’d be able to bounce back like I can without them. And of course, my husband is a freakin saint. He’s always been there to offer a hug or a listening ear when I’m in neurotic mode or obsessing over a problem until I can conquer it. (And I’m super annoyingly repetitive too) He’s also my first beta-reader for so many of my projects.

And of course, my readers. To those who have reached out to me telling me how much they enjoyed my books, those who’ve left kind reviews, and those who’ve shared the word with their friends thank you so very much. Writing is a profession that will claw deep enough to leave marks, but each person in my life who has offered me kindness and support along the way–you’re the people who help me heal. You’re the people who help these stories of mine flourish.

Yes, 2015 was a hell of a rough year. But despite it all, I still have seen the way a person will reach out and comfort a stranger. I’ve seen people stay positive against overwhelming odds and crippling illnesses. I’ve experienced the love and support that people can give, and I can honestly say I’m awed and honored to have each of you in my life.

Love, kittens, and sunshine,



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Writing Installment #2

Paranoia sets in at this stage of my edits. Whenever I near the end of the edits on a big manuscript and start working on a query, that niggling sense of fear and doubt finds a way through my armor and begins to paralyze me. What if it’s just another failure?

Writers face rejection all the time. It’s how this whole thing works, like with most artists. We’re rejected by our peers, we’re rejected by reviewers, we’re rejected by agents, publishers, or even readers. We’re fighting from the onset, and it’s a soul-sucking battle. Hence the need for thick skin and a support system. I’d be nowhere without it.

However, it never hits me more keenly than that step up to the precipice, as I stare into the void of what-ifs, when I’m getting close to submission time. I get seized by fear, and all of those worries start overtaking me. It’s a deadening brew.

At that point, I’m simply grateful for my family and friends, because whenever I take that leap, get a bruise, maybe even a concussion, they’re there to dust me off and help me back on two feet again.

Granted, I’m sure it’s infuriating that I keep leaping every time. Talk about a kid who doesn’t learn when they put their hand in the fire.

Only time will tell if it’s stupidity or bravery.