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Taking Root is Under Contract!

Book one in my Eros Tales series, contemporary romance retellings of Greek Myths, will be coming out with Limitless Publishing! Stay tuned for more news about Taking Root!


After a decade away, Danielle Reynolds returns to Charleston.

Before WitSec and before her serial killer father went on the run, she had a different name and life here. Mere moments back and the past finds her when she draws the attention of Adrian Dukas, the gorgeous track star she tutored in high school.

Ever since Adrian’s fiancée left him, he’s sentenced himself to long shifts at the hospital and never-ending family responsibilities. However, when the redheaded stunner going by Danny Reynolds crashes into his life, Adrian can’t let the girl he pined after for years vanish a second time.

Attraction zings between them like Cupid’s arrow, and they both fall hard. Except Danny’s secrets and Adrian’s promises of the future will car-crash wreck them when she has to leave, and with her father on the move and heading to Charleston, their hourglass is running out of sand.

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Surprise Free Day!

Well, surprise free weekend in honor of Steampunk World’s Fair!

If you’ve been curious about Snatched but nervous to take the dive into my work (it’s not scary, I swear!) Then here’s your chance!


Get your free copy from now until Sunday: Snatched

As a bonus, here’s the sneak peek into Soul Solution:


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Scrying for Summer is a GO!

A.A. Milne.jpg

Loose Id will be releasing Scrying for Summer this year! YEEEEEE!!!!!!!

I’m pretty damn joyful about this, not only because it’ll be my first sequel published, but also because I fucking love this story. Jev and Liam’s tale gripped me in a fierce and passionate way and they were an absolute joy to write.

Add it on Goodreads to get updates like cover, release date, etc!

Want to know what it’s about?

Jev was looking for an adventure, however she wanted the usual variety of stomping out nasty fae in the city as an enforcer of the Philly Coven. Instead, handsome as sin Liam O’Reilly shows up on her doorstep dropping news of the worst organization of fae they’d dealt with on the rise again. Except, he’s a traitor, an asshole, and the absolute last person she wants to work with.

However, the longer they work together, the more the fire between them burns, turning from rage and irritation into something primal. And as she gets to know the real Liam O’Reilly behind the charming smiles and sexy lines, he becomes so much deadlier. Because the protective, self-sacrificing man underneath his facade is just the sort she could fall for.


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A New Chapter

August 17th, 2012 is a day that will firmly stick out in my mind, the day when An Airship Named Desire was released with Hazardous Press. However, as the press is slowing down and I am moving full steam ahead, I recently requested the rights back. Why? Because I’m going to write the sequel, and perhaps even more. It wasn’t until Stolen Petals came out this year that I realized how much I missed that universe and how badly I wanted to return.

So obviously, I’ll have to re-release An Airship Named Desire, but there’ll be good incentive to pick it up when it comes out. After all, the talented editor of Stolen Petals will be going through the work with her scalpel, and I’m in the process of lining up the talents of a phenomenal cover artist. Although I get this little twinge in my heart at the thought of An Airship Named Desire no longer being available on Amazon, it’s temporary, as I’ll hopefully re-release before the year’s end.

And 2016 will hold a whole new adventure for the cast of the Desire–I’m already 10,000 words in and the characters are all returning to me like I never left them.

I learned a lot from Bea, and I’m pulling a maneuver from her book–going with my gut and pulling the bold and daring move. After all, that’s what Aries do best. For now, I’ll leave you with a snippet from the new book:

“Well, let’s get going to the Rusty Scupper. We’ve got a client to meet with and potentially confront.” I grinned at the man Isabella had pinned. “You, as the luckiest of lads, get to be leverage.”