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Hunting for Spring Release Day!


Did you miss the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles? I know I did! If you haven’t checked out my Philadelphia Coven Chronicles series the first time around, you definitely won’t want to miss out. And even if you checked it out before, this book has been completely revamped. Grab your copy HERE!

Hunters are a lonely breed, and Conor’s no exception, until the day he meets Brenna. Even though she slinks in unannounced and kills the wight he was hunting down, the girl’s a mystery and he can’t get that blinding smile or those gorgeous curves off his mind. Since they’re both after the same caster who’s unleashing these monsters, he suggests teaming up, and despite her initial reluctance, the hungry way she scans him down promises something powerful.

However, her secrets have repercussions, and faster than Conor can lift his Glock, he’s drawn into the web of kidnappings and Unseelie mischief, all concealing the machinations of a darker foe—one that plans to bring Philly to ruin.

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Philly Fun in Waking for Winter!

With my latest novel and the final book in the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles series coming out next week, I wanted to chat a little bit about what hijinks the crew gets up to this time!

Throughout the series, we’ve covered Fairmount Park like…a bunch. We’ve also visited the Magic Gardens on South Street, hit the goth/industrial club, Chinatown, Mount Moriah Cemetery, and the Laurel Hill Cemetery. And Waking for Winter isn’t about to disappoint with more Philly exploration. On top of roaming through more of these city streets, one of my favorite scenes in the book takes place at the Wells Fargo center amidst an ice hockey game with our home team. (The Flyers, for those who don’t know. Even folks like me who aren’t as into the sportsball are quite aware of the Philly teams.)

The Coven Chronicles series dives into the heart of this city, albeit an alternate version infected with monsters, and I hope you guys can see the uniqueness on every page.

Join the fun in Waking for Winter!


The Philadelphia Coven has thwarted the Order of the Serpent’s every attempt to destroy their city, only to draw out the scariest nightmare from the Otherworld–the Caoranach. However, one member of the Philly Coven, Cami Akiyama, has already met this creature–the very monster who tortured her and branded her with a mark. Given their history, the Coven leader assigns her a bodyguard–none other than the gorgeous and lethal necromancer, Dante Martinez, the ex-boyfriend she’d disappeared on years ago. A single conversation confirms the spark between them never died, and based on the way Dante teases and flirts, he’s not about to let that flame get snuffed out without a fight.

No one has ever compared to the incendiary passion Dante inspired in her, but after being marked and broken by a monster, she’s too damaged to rekindle any sort of relationship. Not like that stops him. If anything, he fights harder for the memories of a love that kept her sane on her bleakest nights. And despite every effort to distance, Cami finds herself falling for him all over again. Except the Caoranach doesn’t just plan to devastate this city. The Caoranach possesses a deadly secret; one, when revealed, holds the power to shatter Cami completely.

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Writing Adventure


So, one important part of writing is establishing a setting. In my most recent WIP, an urban fantasy set in Philly, my characters take several trips to Fairmount Park. Since I live in the suburbs of the city, and my husband and I planned a trip to Philly for our anniversary, we thought it’d be a blast to check out Fairmount! (It’d been years since we’d last gone.)


We found a gazebo! And wandered all through the park on a search for cherry blossoms. We couldn’t find them at first since it ended up being before peak bloom, but we managed to find one.


On top of that, we found statues as we walked along the pathway past the Please Touch Museum, and the Shofuso Gardens! Altogether, I found it enriching, and while having a blast, I also garnered details for my edits. An adventure well spent!