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Weekly Word Count #174

Word Count: 8007

What story I’m currently working on:

Well, I slowed down a bit on Hypnotizing Beat again, which I’m at 48k with, but for good reason. A. This book is harrrrd *whines*, but also B. I hit 6k with Forged Futures! Hurray! I’m still working on pushing forward with Hypnotizing Beat and am determined to finish it by the end of the year, but Forged Futures is giving me all of the feelings. I’m smitten with the Tribal Spirits series and I’m so excited to finish it next year.

What I’m editing/marketing:

By some miracle, I have a polished, solid query for The Lies We Weave, so I’m just working on gussying up the final version of the book. But I’m absolutely descending back into release mode, because I’ve got Bustles and Bells coming out on October 29th, Forged Alliances set to release November 13th, aaaaaand A Reflection of Ice is back online with a brand new cover!

Join my brigade:

The best ways to get involved with my work is by joining my ARC List, my Facebook Group, my Newsletter, or if you want exclusive content and a free sci-fi romance, sign up for my Patreon!

Teaser of the week:

“A thousand curses on girls with smart mouths and access to firepower.”

Currently listening to:

Line of the week:

“Thanks for coming to my rescue earlier,” she responded, clutching tight to her knees as her chin burrowed into them. “I was seconds away from the same fate as my husband.”

His fingers twitched at the sight of her curled up on the couch, emanating a vulnerability that tangled with the fibers of his heart. She could fight—he’d seen her take care of the wolf out there, but she was so wide open with her grief, with her fear, with everything. He wanted to wrap his arms around her on instinct.

“Any time, doll,” he responded. “I’m a sucker for a dramatic entrance.” He tipped his fingers in her direction as he headed for the door.

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Mid-Year Review

Well now, technically I should’ve written this at the beginning of July, but it’s been a crazy year!

Things I’ve Written:

The Airship Also Rises (set to release in late August)- Steampunk Adventure

A Card of Shadows (submitting out)- Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Taking Root (also out on submission)- Contemporary Romance

One Shot for the Sky (featured in Corsets and Cogs)

Colors of a Soul (featured in Legends of the Veil)


Things I’ve Published:

A Reflection of Ice– Young Adult Fairytale

Corsets and Cogs – Steampunk boxset featuring 26 authors!

Gaslights and Graves -Steampunk boxset featuring 6 authors!

Captivating Melody (Discord’s Desire #1)- First book in this paranormal rockstar romance!

Legends of the Veil  -Fae boxset featuring 8 authors!


Planned Projects for the Rest of the Year:

Forged Contracts (Tribal Spirits #3)

Hopefully, Hypnotizing Beat (Discord’s Desire #2)

And hopefully, finishing my second Cupid’s Cafe book!


Projects to be Published Later in the Year:

The Airship Also Rises (Take to the Skies #3)- The final Take to the Skies book, a steampunk action adventure

Bustles and Bells- Christmas related steampunk boxset

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Journey of A Reflection of Ice

Wistful notes spoke of loneliness, as solitary as the final birdsong of autumn or the trill of summer_s last cicada before the wintry freeze.

So, some stories leap out of you for seemingly no reason, and this was one of them. It was the middle of summer, the weirdest time to have a mythical exploration into a remote, wintry fairy tale. Except this story came roaring out of me in the span of two weeks, this slow sense of creeping fear that had me watching the mirrors as I walked around the house.

Except, after I wrote it, edited it, and kind friends beta read it for me (and then I edited it some more) the submissions were just hitting a blockade. I submitted it to place after place and accumulated a massive pile of rejections in the process. This was back in 2015. Last year, I started working with After Glows Publishing, and they opened Opal Moon Press, their YA imprint. A Reflection of Ice popped into mind, of course, but there was one problem–their minimum word count was 30,000, and the original story was 20,000. However, I hadn’t touched the story in a couple years, and my writing has changed drastically in that time, so I figured it was worth retooling.

I went through the entire manuscript, fleshing out weaker sections, honing the word choice, and really just bringing it to life. When I finally submitted it to Opal Moon Press and got the acceptance, I was thrilled. And now, three years later, this book is finally coming out today. Every story has a different journey and a different purpose, and I’m just so happy that this bone chilling tale is now out to the public!

Buy your copy of A Reflection of Ice today!

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A Reflection of Ice Release Day!


Get your copy of this dark young adult fairytale HERE!

Lyra plunges into the woods for refuge, leaving the discovery of her stepmother’s affair and the woman’s ensuing rage back at the trailer park. However, a mysterious ringing in the forest leads her to a different sort of sanctuary, a castle of ice with a lonely prince living in his solitary kingdom.

While the castle holds haunting ballrooms, vast gardens, and rooms filled with more treasures than a museum, the cobwebs in dark corners whisper a different story. The longer she stays, the more she yearns to return to her rusty old home. Yet once she uncovers the secret of the ice prince in his castle, if she doesn’t find a way to escape soon, she never will.