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Excerpt from Snatched

Lizzy’s brown eyes gleamed under the shaky flame of the candle. “What was it like topside?” Curiosity bubbled to the surface, like I knew it would. Lizzy’s head teemed with sparkles and nonsense from all the wonders my mom had crammed her head with when we were kids. At first the decimated slums up above had disappointed me, but after watching a bird soar through the sky and feeling the breeze on my cheeks, a thrill burned inside me again that I thought had died with my parents.

Dive into the world of Snatched!

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Excerpt From Snatched

Never before viewed sneak peek of my new novel: Snatched

“Lizzy” I called while walking towards our main room. My fingertips brushed against the bumpy wall for guidance as I groped my way towards the light. Maybe she’d passed out for the night. The kid worried so much that she’d had bags under her eyes since she turned seven.

I entered into our main room. Three candles burned on our makeshift table, a wooden board we slapped onto two flat stones. The old table that dad made had broken, and Lizzy and I did what we had to. My forehead crinkled as I frowned. She usually waited up for me. My fingers swept the tabletop, collecting dust on the tips, but my eyes hadn’t failed me. She’d left no note, either. Worry burrowed in the back of my mind, dug its teeth in, and tore small bits of my composure away. I grabbed one of the candles and stalked towards our shared rooms, ignoring the hot drip of wax along my fingers.

She had to be asleep. That was the only explanation. The candle light cast hulking, mutated shadows all around me, and the reddish tint made my skin glow, turning the dirt floors the color of molten steel. I pressed my ear against the door, straining to hear any form of noise. Our house rang with the hollow sound of silence.

I grappled with the knob, my palms slick with sweat, but managed to push the door open. Our dirty clothes cluttered the floor, because neither Orris sister had inherited a cleaning gene. The dresser drawer hung open a crack from when I’d pulled out the vodka earlier. My cot’s sheets drooped along the floor, the same messy way I’d left them. The gnawing feeling grew, and my mind buzzed with a too-familiar panic. Lizzy’s cot lay empty.

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Snatched Cover Reveal

Today, the cover is revealed. Thursday, November 13th, the book releases. Be prepared.


When Kara was ten, the shifters took her parents.

A year ago, they took her best friend Hunter.

And now, the night before her first military strike against those monsters on the surface, the shifters take the only person she has left: her little sister Lizzy.

The snatched don’t come back. That’s what Kara’s believed her entire life, but the first person she finds above ground is the best friend she thought lost forever. Turns out, the higher ups lied. Other colonies are out there, hell even folks who toughed it up above. If anyone knows how to get her sister back, these people would. However, unless she can rally these surfacers into an army, one girl with a shotgun won’t survive long against the very creatures that overturned her world.

Join the battle: #FighttheShifters

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Sneak Peek of Snatched

“Shifters. The beasts who took my folks away, leaving Mom’s bowlful of incense scattered on the floor and the sharp scent of camphor in their wake.”

Check out the hashtag #FighttheShifters for more info closer to release day!