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Weekly Word Count #107

Word Count: 2006

What story I’m working on: I know, I know, I have failed this city, rounding out the week with 7k on Forged Decisions. I did so much editing this week that there wasn’t much time for anything else. On top of that I’ve been a little aimless. I definitely need a new project to sink my teeth into and get the juices flowing so that I can keep on keeping on with Forged Decisions and The Airship Also Rises.

What I’m editing/marketing: EDITING LIKE A BOSS. SERIOUSLY. I’m in the final round of edits for Outlier Heir, my YA space opera, so woot!! Plus, fiddling around with marketing like a boss, since Waking for Winter’s release is going to come before I’m ready, lol.

Teaser of the week:

Alanna Carrington, head witch of the Philadelphia Coven, hurtled his way, and with her, trouble was a guarantee.

Line of the week:

“What if the owner’s a guy?” Finn teased. “Are you saying you want to flirt with him too?”

“Guy, girl, stick—I don’t care who you flirt with,” she responded. “Just get a pulse on who’s running the operation through their storefront.”

“I feel so used.” Finn smirked as he pulled in front of the general store, cleverly titled just that.