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Weekly Word Count #49

Word Count: 2,043

What story I’m working on: The untitled Underwater Machine one, though it was another slow week since I’m gearing up for Steampunk World’s Fair!

What I’m editing/marketing: A Tale of Two Airships, and I’m nearing the point where I’ll be contacting my editor to submit it her way! Poured a ton of work into it this week!

Line of the week:

Trevor handed him a piece of bacon, causing Kieran to lift a brow. “What am I, a dog?”

“Good boy,” Liz said as she sauntered into the room.

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Weekly Word Count #46

Word Count: 4,007

What story I’m working on: Night Awakens, and I started a new one…only a couple pages in, but I’m super pumped about it.

What I’m editing/marketing: What now? Scrying for Summer is SENT for submission! Which leaves my full attention on getting Airship shipshape!

Line of the week:

(For a special treat, this is the opening line of my new story)

The stench of sweat, sex, and stripper glitter were never going to come out of Liz Fisher’s jeans. That was the last time they were going to do a gig at Peekaboo, especially after the five thousandth time her Keds gummed to the floor backstage.

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Weekly Word Count #45

Word Count: 4,064

What story I’m working on: Night Awakens–paranormal romance for everyone!

What I’m editing/marketing: Editing Scrying for Summer primarily since I’m reaching the end zone on that one. Will switch full focus back to A Tale of Two Airships.

Line of the week:

He lifted his brows. “And you want me to bring it to the human precinct at that. You owe me, Naz.” Of course, the bastard paused to wink my way, the suggestion obvious.      He got a sour look in return.

“You’re lucky if I’ll buy you a beer,” I murmured darkly.

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Weekly Word Count #44

Word Count: 5,547

What story I’m working on: Night Awakens, and I’m finally reaching the crescendo! The big bad fight scene, and where the threads of the mystery all tie together!

What I’m editing/marketing: Editing away at Scrying for Summer and A Tale of Two Airships. They’ll both be done before I know it!

Line of the week:

“Yeah it is.” This was familiar territory for me, the heartbreak and defeats. “Every day you get up out of bed, feet on the floor and you push yourself up. You bear the past, and you’ll carry that hurt with you for the rest of your life. But with every dawn, and every day you keep moving, eventually you start to live again. Call it survival instinct or what you like, but we’ve all got our scars to bear.”