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November 2015 Obsessions

Can we talk Nalini Singh for a second here? So, I stayed away for awhile–figured it wasn’t my cup of tea. After all, I tend to like more action to my books and I need to be in a certain mood to read some romances. But I’d heard about her for awhile and was curious so I checked the first book out.

Reaction? Not bad. Not amazing, but definitely a page turner for me. Then I read the second….got a little more interested. Now I wanted to read more. AAAANNNND then came the third book, which I refused to put down and devoured in a night. SO. DAMN. GOOD. I love when a book grips me like that and refuses to let go. Where am I now? Oh, yeah, currently through book seven. I’m tearing through this series like no tomorrow.

I’ll be honest, I *may* be finished the entire series before the end of the year. Not even sorry. I will say, it’s doing wonders for my paranormal romance inspiration, and since my current work-in-progress is said genre, I’m happy for the spark.

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July 2015 Obsessions

Here’s what’s driving my inspiration train in July.

Parks and Rec continues to be my stalwart companion during my ups and downs. Leslie’s journey has comforted me through my own, and whenever I get upset, or reach a hurdle, her infectious enthusiasm really jives with the ENFJ with me.

A short new show really tapped into my inspiration recently too. Another fantastic Netflix Original show: Scrotal Recall. Weird name, right? But it was a wonderful British slice of life mini-series that I adored. The love story throughout it really spoke to me, and I got inspired to reconfigure one of my old stories, or find some way to do that soulmates who keep getting their timing wrong trope.

Another one I watched in entirety was Witches of East End. I’ll be honest, the plot and acting aren’t spectacular. It was more of a show I put on while doing marketing work, etc. Why? Because Daniel Di Tomasso is spectacular eye candy.