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Twenty Books Published!


My first book, An Airship Named Desire, got published with Hazardous Press in 2012.

Come August, I’ll have been a published author for seven years now, and I have to say the amount I’ve learned in that time has been immense.

For the longest time, twenty books was my goal. It offered something tangible to work towards in an industry where everything is constantly in flux. I hadn’t planned on doing any self-publishing, but when Hazardous Press, Jupiter’s Garden Press, Breathless Press, Loose Id, Ellora’s Cave, and After Glows Publishing ALL closed down, I went different routes with each of the books. With the sheer number of press closures I was in the middle of, I had begun to feel cursed.

Still, twenty kept me in the game. I’d built in my head twenty as the magic number, where I’d finally spill over into the success I’d been chasing. And now that I’m here at twenty, am I where I thought I’d be? Not in the slightest. However, the mind likes to dream big, whereas real progress is measured by different markers. Has my writing improved in that time? Staggeringly. Each book has me learning new techniques and expanding my horizons. Have I been able to beat my own sales records? I have, and that is something to take pride in.

So, while twenty books isn’t the fanfare and confetti I once imagined it might be, I can still appreciate the discipline learned and how setting that goal gave me a push I needed to keep writing and keep creating. And if I can keep up that trend, I feel like I’ll continue climbing up that mountain until I reach the top.

See you all at forty books!

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Goals for 2019

It’s that time of year, folks, when I start sitting down and really analyzing what next year is going to look like. I can speculate a lot mid-year, but with completing books and submissions and contracts, all of that can be in flux. I’m at the point where I have some serious definites.

Books Scheduled for Release in 2019:

Forged Decisions (Tribal Spirits #2) January 1, 2019 with Totally Bound Publishing

Forged Contracts (Tribal Spirits #3) May 21, 2019 with Totally Bound Publishing

Of Tinkers and Technomancers (Whitfield Files #1)  April 2, 2019 with Totally Bound Publishing

Captured Memories (Cupid’s Cafe #3) November 2019 with Inkspell Publishing


Books Under Contract:

Hunting for Spring (Philadelphia Coven Chronicles #1) with Soul Mate Publishing

Scrying for Summer (Philadelphia Coven Chronicles #2) with Soul Mate Publishing

Rising for Autumn (Philadelphia Coven Chronicles #3) with Soul Mate Publishing

Waking for Winter (Philadelphia Coven Chronicles #4) with Soul Mate Publishing


Books Under Submission:

Taking Root (Book one in my Greek Myths series)


Books Written to be Edited:

Hypnotizing Beat (Discord’s Desire #2)


Books in Progress:

Forged Futures (Tribal Spirits #4)


Books to Write in 2019:

Forged Redemption (Tribal Spirits #5)

Alluring Refrain (Discord’s Desire #3)

Next Cupid’s Cafe

Of Coppers and Cracksmen (Whitfield Files #2)


What ones are you the most excited for? With any luck, my Tribal Spirits series will be finished by next year!

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Patreon for My Books!

Katherine McIntyre (2)

So, I decided to join in on the Patreon wagon! Mostly because I LOVE sharing my creativity with people, but my bills are also not paid on dreams alone! This is the link for my Patreon if you’d like to come and support: HERE!

I have 7 different levels of patronage, starting at Sleepy Kittens!

Sleepy Kittens

Access to sneak-previews of my latest work, plus cat pictures! (Who doesn’t love cat pictures?)

The later levels include awesomeness including TEA and SIGNED PAPERBACKS, but there are limited quantities of those tiers, so check ’em out fast!

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Weekly Word Count #136

Word Count: 16, 356

What story I’m currently working on: So….like I said, I keep my promises. The Airship Also Rises is FINISHED, and I am so, so thrilled. I powered through last Friday and just blazed my way through the ending. The words were magic, the ending was beautiful, and everything laid out the way I hoped it would. When I finished, I burst out into tears, because even though I slogged through this final book and whined a lot in the process, I love those characters, and it was so gratifying and beautiful to complete their circle.

Aaaaand, I did end up charging forward with the Wanderers story. It’s like crack to me right now. Unlike Airship where I was fighting for every word, these are just pouring out of me. It’s exactly what I need to be writing right now, and I’ve already hit 7k.

What I’m editing/marketing: Still waiting on all of the things. I’ve sent out so many submissions my head is spinning, so it’s a waiting game. I’m also waiting on the line edits for A Reflection of Ice, but in the meanwhile, I’m starting in on the marketing game for the Gaslights and Graves boxset. It’s so much fun working with all of these talented authors, and I’m definitely gearing up for this release. On another note, I also got in on a fae related boxset for later in the year, so you’ll have another new fae story to look forward to. I’ve got an interesting one bouncing around my brainbox.

Teaser of the week:

“They shot one of ours.” The lines deepened around his grey eyes. “I’d waste the whole army for spilling a drop of my crew’s blood.”(1).jpg

Line of the week:

“Not coincidence,” was all Maeve said, which didn’t help in the slightest. What made it worse is that Bree agreed. And Bree had made it a point to disagree with her sister any chance she got. But the truth was as brazen as this autumn air. Mom still wasn’t home, and a wraith was on the prowl. Growing up among the Wanderers taught you early on that everything was connected, from stubbing your toe on the kitchen table one morning to finding out a rash of murders spread across Philly. Bree was a firm believer, and right now, that belief settled in her gut like acid.

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2017 Accomplishments

So, anyone who has talked to me realized that this was a rocky year. On a professional note, I’ve never charged harder. However, the problem is, when you aim big and get close, the fall hurts that much more. I always have my big career-moving goals, but I set a couple realistic ones this year too. My goal was to have 3 books come out, and to get 3 new contracts.

What did I achieve in 2017?

Well, I had four new books come out:

Rising for Autumn (February 2017)

Waking for Winter (July 2017)

Forged Alliances (September 2017)

Captured Memories (October 2017)

I finished my first series, with all four books of the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles out!

I also got 5 contracts this year:

Waking for Winter, Forged Alliances, Captured Memories, A Reflection of Ice, and Of Tinkers and Technomancers


Now, unfortunately with Loose Id closing in 2018, I have to find new homes for my Philadelphia Coven Chronicles, and my plans for the Tribal Spirits series have been put on hold, but I’ll push forward with them next year.


On the writing front, I wrote A LOT this year.

Outlier Heir (80,000 words)

Forged Alliances (60,000 words)

Forged Decisions (60,000 words)

Of Tinkers and Technomancers (33,000 words)

Captured Memories (43,000 words)

My currently untitled YA Fantasy (80,000 words)

and I’m almost 60k into the final Airship book

That’s 416,000 words in total this year. Yay!


As for editing, on top of the comprehensive edits I did on all of the above projects, I also re-edited and found a home for A Reflection of Ice, a story I originally wrote in 2015, and I re-edited Chasing Fate this past month.

So, even though I faced a lot of setbacks this year, I wrote a hell of a lot and I fought a hell of a lot. I might not have made the drastic strides I wanted to, but I think I came closer than ever before, and I haven’t given up yet. 2017 did its best to crush my spirit into the ground, but I’ve got an amazing support system, from my friends and family who always listen when I get beaten down, to a group of author friends who helps build each other up as we all try to rise.

After the beating I got in 2017, I’m ready to face 2018 with new armor and new drive, having learned a lot from the past year about what’s holding me back. Let’s make this new year a great one.


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Weekly Word Count #75

Word Count: 9,011

What story I’m working on: Waking for Winter!

What I’m editing/marketing: Editing Chasing Fate because my lovely beta readers have gotten crits back to me!

Line of the week:

He’d never managed to separate game days from the memories of his dad watching Eagles, Flyers, whatever got his blood pumping as he crushed back cans upon cans of stale beer, and he’d scream his voice hoarse. And then of course leveling all that adrenaline-fueled aggression into beating the everloving shit out of him. Days after games he’d head into school with black eyes, grazes, and cuts, until he learned to be scarce on those days. Until eventually he’d left altogether.

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Weekly Word Count #74

Word Count: 5,618

What story I’m working on: Waking for Winter. My word count is gonna be hella booming, because it’s NaNoWriMo time and I’m participating. My hope is to get the final Philadelphia Coven Chronicles book finished this month!

What I’m editing/marketing: Just finished editing Chasing Fate enough to send off to beta readers. I. Can’t. Wait. to plunge back into work on that book until I make it all shiny new. It’s an old story, but one with bones so strong they’re worth resurrecting.

Line of the week:

She’d hoped, prayed, that her time with Akanda had ended the day Dante saved her, the day the one man she’d loved so deep to quake the earth itself had returned into her life at her weakest and worst. Except the nightmare hadn’t ended, wouldn’t end. Not while the Caoranach drew another breath.