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Weekly Word Count: 1/17/19

Word Count: 521

What story I’m currently working on:

I’m a whopping 1k into Forged Redemption, but the book is probably going to pick up steam next week. Ally and Drew are going to be absolutely ridiculous, and I think they ended up being the perfect couple for the finale of this series, one that’s a little reflective of the first book, Forged Alliances (at least on the bickering front).

What I’m editing/marketing:

I mean, essentially waiting on everything at the moment. Taking Root and Hypnotizing Beat are both on submission, so I’m putting pedal to the metal on my shifter series to get that finished this year! Kicked off this new year with the release of Forged Decisions and then in a couple of months, Forged Contracts will be available! I’m down to the final two passes on Forged Futures, so I’m hoping to get that done before the end of the month so I can return to writing full force. Don’t miss out on both the sale of Forged Alliances at 99 cents though, and the steampunk antho, Bustles and Bells which is coming down in ten days!

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Drew didn’t need to tilt his aviators up for her to feel the intensity of that gaze flashing his way. “Williams is what folks called the old man.” He tipped his glasses down on his nose, passing her a scorching look. “I prefer babe, darling, light of my life. Sir, if you’re feeling kinky.”

“You’ll be called dipshit next if you keep at it,” Ally shot back.