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Weekly Word Count #125

Word Count: 21,187

What story I’m currently working on: Welp, I did it! I finished the YA fantasy novel before the end of October. This story was incredibly fun, and though I have a lot of work to do in regards to editing in the proper worldbuilding and ironing out some major inconsistencies, I think I’ve got the foundation for something amazing. So now I’m letting my brain rest for a couple days before I start into The Airship Also Rises come November 1st!

What I’m editing/marketing: Captured Memories is still getting rave reviews from the release last week, which is nice to see!! So with that out of the way, I can start the baby steps of prep (marketing images and such) for Of Tinkers and Technomancers and A Reflection of Ice! I’ve pretty much neglected edits on Forged Decisions because of the massive amounts of writing I was doing, but now I’ll be giving those content edits a look-see and trying to get the story ship shape. It doesn’t need drastic things thankfully, just pruning and fine tuning.

Teaser of the week:

_Each step forward offered a better view of the crystal walls ahead, the castle appearing like something out of a fairytale._

Line of the Week:

The sensible thing would be to run. Ditch the pirates, the guards, and sail away on a stolen boat to Damascar. A week ago, she would’ve done that without hesitation.

However, Katerina’s hope had infected her, Fiona’s drive inspired, and Lorne’s presence reminded her of what was worth fighting for. Salima clenched her jaw before nodding in response.

“Two of us against a horde of guards?” she cracked. “Couldn’t ask for better odds.”

He grinned back at her, lifted his pistol in the direction of all the chaos, and pulled the trigger. “Then let’s tango.”