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Weekly Word Count #147

Word Count: 8,055

What story I’m currently working on:

While the fae novella is out with beta readers, I was going to focus on editing solely. *laughs hilariously* Yeah, so first I started a Cupid’s Cafe story that’s flowing like wine on a Friday night. It’s a super easy write because it features characters I’m already super familiar with, sort of like writing about best friends. So of course, I’m already 3k into that one. But hey, I can’t stop there, right? I had this contemporary romance idea where each story is a retelling of a Greek romance, with less tragedy. (most of those were bleak as fuck) Aaaand with that one, I got 5k into it…because yeah.

What I’m editing/marketing: Editing has calmed down this week since I plowed through the vibrancy edit on Wanderers. I started working on the query as well, and I’m going to take my time on this one, because it’s super important. I don’t want to rush and toss out shoddy work, so I’m carefully doing this final readthrough. Once I finish editing Wanderers, I’ll probably dive back into editing Musketeer Pirates which has been hanging in the dead zone. But the fun doesn’t stop there. My young adult fairytale, A Reflection of Ice came out last week, same with Corsets and Cogs, which hit bestseller!! And of course, the other steampunk boxset I’m in, Gaslights and Graves, is available for pre-order!

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Teaser of the week:

Candace brandished a pint glass at the ready. Ale could soothe most of these ruffians, and she_d become adept at taming tempers.(1)

Line of the week:

His phone buzzed in his pocket, dragging his attention away from the now closed door. Lex.

“What’s up?” he asked and lifted his fingers, trying to grab Mitch’s attention for the check.

“So…there’s blood all over your kitchen, and it’s not my fault.”

Oh, fuck.


Currently Reading:

Cremains of the Day by Misty Simon and The Chosen by JR Ward. Feel free to comment if you want to discuss either book!