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Weekly Word Count #97

Word Count: 2,584

What story I’m working on: So, I’m a lying liar of lyingness. I did not make it to my projected 65k in Future King, instead only reaching 59, almost 60k. But guys, I had REASONS. Anyway, progress is plodding along with the story, and if I don’t finish it in April, I’ll be done it for sure in May.

What I’m editing/marketing: The reason I didn’t get far in writing Future King is because I finished editing Forged Alliances. Went on some crazy binge edits sessions since I’m on vaca for the rest of the week and won’t be updating this like normal on Thursday. Instead, you get the abbreviated version, heh.

Teaser of the week:

_She couldn_t help but admire the arch of his nose and how long his blond-red lashes were as he slept. This morning, under the sun_s dappled rays, he appeared so innocent. A smile cu

Line of the week:

If my Pendragon ancestor had made this hunt any more complicated, I was about to resurrect him from the grave just to murder him in the most colorful way imaginable.

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Weekly Word Count #91

Word Count: 10,234

What story I’m working on: Weeeeeell, I definitely kicked some ass this week in the wording department. Got all the way up to 45k in Forged Alliances, which means I’m tumbling downhill to the end fast. (About 15k projected left!) And while my pace slowed down with Future King a wee bit, I still rounded the week off at 29k, so forward progress for the win!

What I’m editing/marketing: I’m about halfway through the final edit of The Iron Legacy, which means I need to start writing and polishing a query. Still waiting to here on Waking for Winter, and I also recently started submitting Captivating Melody to publishers, so fingers crossed.

Line of the week:

His lips brushed over hers, nothing like the fiery explosions that had erupted between them before. This gentle scrape of a kiss shocked her with adrenaline, coaxing the deep, burning core of her to the surface. The sun glowed along her skin, the warmth and light dizzying when combined with the sensations of his fingers tangled through her hair and his lips on hers. She melted into the kiss, embracing the heady swirl of euphoria that emerged as they continued this tentative exploration.

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Weekly World Count #83

Word Count: 4,061

What story I’m working on: Close to 15k with my Future King story, so yay! The shifter story is slinking in fast at 12k, and will probably roll along at a faster than average pace since I’m trying to finish it to submit to an anthology in March!

What I’m editing/marketing: Most of my betas have returned feedback for Waking for Winter, so I’m really surging ahead with edits for it. At this stage, I’ll probably have the novel submitted to my publisher by the end of the month! Also coming soon….Rising for Autumn! February 7th to be specific, and folks, I think you’ll enjoy this one.

Line of the week:

“If we’re fast enough, they won’t hit.” Merlin said with a shrug. “Or if Art there can manage to work the alchemical shielding.” His glance held too much knowledge, like he shared a secret with me of just how much I was capable of. From the second I’d met him, the confidence he had in me was a subtle pressure to my spine, telling me to straighten up, daring me to push past my comfort zone and dive into unfathomable depths. As if I couldn’t bear to fall short of the trust he placed in me.

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Weekly Word Count #81

Word Count: 3,000

What story I’m working on: Continuing to plug away at my Future King story as well as the summer Shifter one. Close to 10k with the Future King and already at 5k with the summer Shifter story!

What I’m editing/marketing: Finished editing Chasing Fate and the Snatched audio files, so now it’s hard at work on Waking for Winter!

Line of the week:

A rolled up ball of clothes came sailing towards him. His hands shot out as he grabbed the bundle, unrolling a large tee and sweats, big enough to fit him.

Dax lifted a brow, holding the clothes in his hands. Sierra made quick work of tugging a pair of yoga pants on, followed by a tank-top to his dismay. She glanced over to him, her lips curling with a frown.

“They’re clothing, genius. Us civilized folk like to wear them while we converse with one another,” she shot out, rolling on pure sarcasm.

A slow smile spread on his lips as he shifted to lean to his right, his cock hanging heavy between his legs. Her eyes darted in that direction for a moment, causing his smile to widen. “Pity for you I’m not civilized,” he responded, his voice heating up.

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Weekly Word Count #80

Word Count: 3,000

What story I’m working on: Slow but steady with Future King and my summer Shifter story!

What I’m editing/marketing: Chasing Fate is what I’m primarily editing, though I’m also going through the audio files for the Snatched audio book to mark edits for the narrator. Hoping to have it released before the end of the year!

Line of the week:

Sierra controlled herself, just barely, as she forced her claws back into place. Out of everyone, she had to rein in the leash on her beast, because as alpha, she set the example for her pack. “You’d figure with so many pups under one roof, a kitty cat wouldn’t be stupid enough to wander in.”

“Oh you know, curiosity and all that,” he flashed her a grin, white teeth gleaming against his tanned skin. “You folks give the warmest welcomes to newcomers.” He tugged on the end of his baseball cap before crossing through the crowded bar without a care. The cocky bastard ignored the bristling wolves on either side begging to leap forward, each lethal in their own right—either he had brass balls or lost his common sense a couple states back. More than a couple members of her pack glanced her way, waiting permission to lunge for the bastard and take him down.

“Well, when we get love notes as charged as yours, tends to inspire passionate responses.” Sierra forced a grin, baring her teeth in the process.

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Weekly Word Count #78

Word Count: 10687

What story I’m working on: Waking for Winter is FINISHED as of this week! Already sent it out to the betas, and will be plugging away at edits as soon as it returns. Aaaaand I’ve begun my Arthurian space opera series, the Future King!

What I’m editing/marketing: Chasing Fate still! Have most of my beta feedback in, so now it’s just applying it to the text!

Line of the week:

Every year on this date, the rains hit so hard I thought they’d sweep me away. When I was younger and dumber, I thought the heavens were weeping with me and dad, joining us on our yearly trek to the cemetery. But the older I got, the more I knew better—that I had the worst luck on Mars, and it dipped a little lower with each passing year.