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Weekly Word Count #114

Katherine McIntyre (2)

Word Count: 10,124

What story I’m currently working on: I was truckin, truckin, truckin the weeks before, but this week was a bit of a slowdown! Well. -ish. I hit 29k with Forged Alliances, though I’m hoping to reach 40k by the end of next week if the story keeps ramping up like it seems to be doing. And a lot of my effort this past week was for the Asgard Lounge sample that I started–I got my first three chapters done at 9k, and now I’m working on an outline/synopsis sort of dealie. Storytime!!

What I’m editing/marketing: I’ve been floating along with edits on the Steampunk with a Twist story–I’ll definitely have that ready by next week. And once I’m done that, I’m going to dive back into my YA winter fairytale from two years ago and re-edit that before trying to submit again! On the audio book front, An Airship Named Desire has been approved and is heading to retailers! I’ll update here first when it comes out!

Teaser of the week:

Dax_s grin widened, revealing teeth as he leaned against the bar. “Darling, if you wanted me somewhere private, all you had to do was ask,” he drawled. The languid way he carried h

Line of the week:

Navi lifted her bottle. “Well then, it sounds like we’re both fucked.”

His mouth quirked at that, and he clinked his beer to hers. “If that’s what you want, darling, I’ve been waiting to peel that dress off you from the moment I pulled into this lot.” The heat in his voice burned hotter than the August sun, and Navi’s core clenched tight at his words.  He scanned her with a predator’s intensity, and she could see his wolf clear in his eyes.

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Weekly Word Count #113

Word Count: 11,037

What story I’m currently working on: Since Forged Alliances will probably be coming out in a month or two, I’m definitely making headway on book two, Forged Decisions. I hit 25k today and will probably keep trucking along on it the rest of the week. Finn and Navi’s story is really starting to resonate with me, and I am loving writing it. I also put another thousand or so words into the Musketeer Pirates story, almost hitting 8k! And on the positive, I’m starting a new series concept to submit to a proposal call and also to write once I’m done Forged Decisions. Guys, it’s VIKINGS. And Loki runs a bar called the Asgard Lounge. And I already got the first chapter done, almost rounding out the first 3k. WOO!!!

What I’m editing/marketing: Well now, I got my Steampunk with a Twist story back from beta readers, so I’m editing at a leisurely pace. It’s absolutely lovely. Also still waiting on the Airship Named Desire audio book to release. EEEE. Also, Captured Memories has a projected release date of October 17th. Excite. and Forged Alliances has a tentative release date of September 19th, but honestly it’s just going to be a matter of how quickly Tamzin and I work. EEEEEE.

Teaser of the week:

“Mislabeled the sign,” a cocky voice called from the door. “Should read ‘Doggie Daycare_ with the amount of pups packed into this place.” The man_s eyes twinkled with his l

Line of the week:

“I’m not sorry for giving a fuck about you, Navi,” he said, crossing his arms in front of his chest as he leaned against the side of the car, close enough she could feel the heat emanating off his body. “You’ve got strength in spades, but there’s so much more to you than the burden you’re shouldering, sweetheart. I’m more interested in the woman standing before me whose single moment of softness is worth a thousand from anyone else.”

She opened her mouth, but the words dried on her tongue. The intensity sparking in Finn’s hazel eyes, the muscles of his neck taut as he argued with her, and the way his thick brows furrowed with the same irritation that flowed through her—all of it had her ensnared. He was supposed to be the same as all the others, a no-strings-attached fling. And yet the more she got to know Finn Kelly, the more she connected with him, fought with him, and talked with him, she couldn’t help but like the bastard.