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Weekly Word Count: 10/16/19

Word Count: 23101

What story I’m currently working on:

Well, this was one of the best damn writing weeks I’ve probably had all year. That’s a superhuman word count, possible only because I REALLY wanted to write the sexy bits. Because of that, I fucking FINISHED the first book in my Dungeons and Dating series at 70k. Holy jeez, what a roller coaster. That book was such a fun one to write and made me really miss San Francisco. I loved that city a lot when we visited in 2013.

What I’m editing/marketing:

Apart from reviewing the audio files for Color of a Soul, I did little else in terms of editing my own junk, mostly because I was rocking through Dungeons and Dating. However, Color of a Soul IS heading to retail, so I’ll be announcing that any day now. Also, Scrying for Summer is up for pre-order! The other book on pre-order that’s coming out a day earlier is Captured Memories. If somehow you missed out on my bold and beautiful Tribal Spirits series, check out Forged Alliances, the first book in the series, for only 99 cents! (and the rest of the series on Kindle Unlimited for a LIMITED time only!)

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Teaser of the week:

“Lana intertwined her fingers through his. “That’s all we can ever do. Try,” she responded, her voice hushed. “Try to hold on to those moments that flicker like candlelight with the people we care about. You and I bo

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Line of the week:

“You say that now,” Mel teased. “But what happens when I accidentally track mud through the house because I’m a mess? Or worse, order pizza with mushrooms?”

Roxie levelled a look at her. “I’ll pick the mushrooms off, dumbass. And I’m perfectly capable of pointing out your mud prints—though realistically, you’ll never be as much of a mess as Bel.”

“Dumbass?” Mel said, clutching her chest even as her eyes crinkled with how hard she grinned. “Look at these beautiful names my girlfriend calls me.”