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3 Days Until A Reflection of Ice Releases!


Pre-order now!

“Lyra couldn’t shake the sense of surreal at the way the snow stopped falling around the castle, how those hallowed grounds seemed safe from the wintry blast.”

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A Reflection of Ice Pre-Order!


A Reflection of Ice is now available for pre-order! Grab a copy HERE!

Lyra plunges into the woods for refuge, leaving the discovery of her stepmother’s affair and the woman’s ensuing rage back at the trailer park. However, a mysterious ringing in the forest leads her to a different sort of sanctuary, a castle of ice with a lonely prince living in his solitary kingdom.

While the castle holds haunting ballrooms, vast gardens, and rooms filled with more treasures than a museum, the cobwebs in dark corners whisper a different story. The longer she stays, the more she yearns to return to her rusty old home. Yet once she uncovers the secret of the ice prince in his castle, if she doesn’t find a way to escape soon, she never will.