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Weekly Word Count #159

Word Count: 2517

What story I’m currently working on:

I knoooow, my word count is still pretty terrible. I promise next week I’ll do better. Because I finished Taking Root, I was able to pop open Forged Contracts and begin that again! I’m up to 12k in Hypnotizing Beat and 3k for Forged Contracts. I am super excited to get back into these books and start writing again. It’s been so many long stretches of editing that I have been pushing writing off for awhile, so I think I’ve recharged enough to dive back into things.

What I’m editing/marketing:

I finished editing Taking Root and started sending it out! That’s what I spent most of last week doing–finalizing this book! Also, fingers crossed on books 3 and 4 that they get picked up with Soul Mate as I’ve got both on submission! On top of that, you can get both books in the Take to the Skies series for under 5 dollars! Catch the sale while you can! Now that my editing schedule is free, I can dive back into Musketeer Pirates, and I’m also formatting the final Take to the Skies book, The Airship Also Rises. If you’re waiting for Colors of a Soul, my Little Mermaid retelling, pre-order Legends of the Veil!

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Teaser of the week:

“The way he spoke to me, the admiration in his gaze, reminded me so, so much of myself staring at Morris, eyes reaching for the stars.”

Line of the week:

“If you keep burning the midnight oil like this, I’m going to dub you the Ghost of Guitarist’s Past,” Ky set to yanking down the window behind the seats. Even though they’d parked in a dump of a lot with a bunch of beater vehicles and sketch neighbors, those desperate neons from the strip still tried their damndest to cut through the early morning grey.

“Who can sleep with the way you and Liz go at it?” Trevor muttered, reaching for one of Ren’s crumpled shirts he left strewn all through the floor of the RV. Trevor tossed it to Kieran. “Do us a favor and cover yourself up. The adoring fans aren’t here to see the show.”

Kieran flashed him a grin, his gold eyes sparking with that new relationship thrill, where everything was sunshine on the Mississippi, and problems were a snap to fix. Not that he could blame his bandmate for the infectious excitement. Kieran had fought hard to win Liz over to the commitment side. Trevor couldn’t imagine that sort of closeness with anyone. The thought of it settled around his throat, the phantom sensation one that lingered through the years.

Ky sniffed the shirt and wrinkled his nose. “Otherworld be damned, did Ren shit on this? You can deal with some skin, brother.”

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Weekly Word Count #117

Word Count: 8,004

What story I’m currently working on: Well, if I’m lucky or determined (I’m usually more determined than lucky, lol) I’ll be finished with Forged Decisions by next week! I’m going to be starting more work on Musketeer Pirates as well since I had a couple new plot ideas, so look for more updates on that to follow! I think I’ve started organizing my plan for the remainder of the year, including more work on The Airship Also Rises and then maybe starting into Tribal Spirits book 3, Forged Contracts!

What I’m editing/marketing: Currently waiting on line edits for Forged Alliances, and then that book will be racing towards release day!! Trucking through some edits on the Of Tinkers and Technomancers book, and once they’re done, I’ll be turning that in! Once I’m finished that, I’ll be working on A Reflection of Ice and trying to rewrite that novella into shape!

Teaser of the week:


Line of the week:

He jammed on the gas pedal and the Challenger shot off down the road, but Finn’s anger didn’t dissipate, and his aggression heated the space between them. Navi would never rob him of that, never try to bury the rage he so rightly deserved to feel, the sort that had lit her up from the inside on too many nights to count.

Navi reached over and placed a hand on his bare thigh. He flinched at first, the touch a shock from the turmoil rocking him. He glanced to her, those hazel eyes softening for a heartbeat, and in that moment, she held more power than she’d ever wielded as a member of the Tribe.