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Weekly Word Count: 2/5/20

Word Count: 8,333

What story I’m currently working on:

Well, first off, I FINISHED Tempting Ballad. So once I get some feedback on it, I can begin working on the edits, and then you’ll hopefully have a lovely new book in the series coming to you this year. It honestly just feels like a massive win due to how long I spent on that project. I couldn’t decide what to work on next, so I wrote another chapter in paranormal western, bringing it to 6k, and then I ended up writing the first 300 words to Of Alchemists and Arsonists. Can’t hurt to put more words into that, since it’ll be due this year, and it’s the last in the series.

What I’m editing/marketing:

Currently, I’m bouncing between two old manuscripts that I’m slowly attempting to polish up and maybe resubmit down the line. While Tempting Ballad is off with beta readers, I’m catching up on the things I normally don’t have time for. And I’m also getting ready to promote both Rising for Autumn and Of Coppers and Cracksmen in April!

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Teaser of the week:

“The blood staining Ellie Whitfield’s hands was as good a reason as any to run from the mutton shunters.”(1)

Currently listening to:

What I’m currently reading:

Image result for call down the hawk"

Line of the week:

He heaved a sigh and began to rearrange the bottles on the shelves, making the display more even. Different colored liquids glowed with pearlescent promise, while others looked like the sludge scraped off shoes at the end of the day.

The first time his shop had been broken into overnight, Theo had swung over to install a locking mechanism on the door sure to keep thieves out.

The second time his shop had been broken into in the middle of the day, Ellie had arrived to place a Derringer in his palm with a warning to practice his aim.

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Weekly Word Count: 9/18/19

Word Count: 13143

What story I’m currently working on:

Honestly, it’s a bit of a miracle that I ended up with the word count that I did. Given the bout of bad news last week, I thought I’d be down for the count a lot longer than this. However, I did take a hiatus on Tempting Ballad at 20k, and I’m pausing work on the Paranormal Western for now. I was getting into the vibe of the Discord’s Desire book, but the rough news kinda put a damper on that. However, I did end up getting a really fun idea and knocked out 12k on that book, so I’m just going to roll with that right now and take my joy where I can find it.

What I’m editing/marketing:

Everything I was working on kind of went on pause after the news last Thursday, so I’m still trying to sort out how to move forward. I’ll give the official updates on things when I have answers myself. In the interim, I got in edits for Scrying for Summer, which will be coming out with Soul Mate Publishing in November, so I’ve got to hunker down and work on those again. And the release of the final Tribal Spirits book, Forged Redemption, is less than two weeks away. For the time being, Forged Alliances is still 99 cents, so grab it at that price while you can!

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Teaser of the week:

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Currently listening to:

Line of the week:

Roxie chewed on her lip, chasing around a piece of broccoli with a fork. “It’s more that half the time once we wrap up the kitchen’s closed, or I’m just on a mission to get home and know if I wait around, I’ll get suckered into more work.”

“I’ve always lived with someone, so we’ve always just kind of split the whole dinner thing,” Melody admitted. “Even though I’ve had my share of shitty roommates, I’d probably die if I were alone, eaten by cats or something. I seriously need to be around people.”

Roxie lifted one of those curved brows. “I’m starting a death counter for you, drama queen.”

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Weekly Word Count #157

Word Count: 6333

What story I’m currently working on:

So, those who wanted more progress on Hypnotizing Beat are going to be disappointed…I’m still at 10k. However, those who wanted progress on An Airship Carol will be happy, because I finished it at 11k!! It took something off of my overloaded plate, but I’m not ready to set into Hypnotizing Beat yet because I need to get an editing project finished–so my target’s been set on Taking Root. Once I get some of these projects cleared off, then I’ll be back in writing mode, and I might add Forged Contracts to the mix too.

What I’m editing/marketing:

Weeeeell, I got some more news for y’all. Not only did book two in my Tribal Spirits series, Forged Decisions, get picked up by Totally Bound Publishing, but Hunting for Spring found a new home at Soul Mate Publishing. PLUS, us Cupid’s Cafe authors just signed a contract with Inkspell Publishing, so our series will be returning to that new home! Also, I’m currently gearing up for Captivating Melody‘s release on June 25th! I made MAJOR progress on the editing front with Taking Root, which I’m super happy about, and I’m keeping with the slow and steadies on Musketeer Pirates. If you’re waiting for Colors of a Soul, my Little Mermaid retelling, pre-order Legends of the Veil!

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The best ways to get involved with my work is by joining my ARC List, my Facebook Group, or sign up for my Patreon!

Teaser of the week:

“Maybe being surrounded by rockstars has me looking for a regular guy.” Liz locked gazes with Kieran, challenge flashing in her eyes. The poor bartender was getting dragged into batt

Line of the week:

Powdery white bullshit drifted down onto my head, settling there the same way it had begun to accumulate across the Desire’s deck. Taking a flamethrower to the approaching blizzard was ill-advised, at least by Isabella and Geoff. I, for one, still held hopes that I could burn that fluffy snow away.

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Forged Alliances Under Contract!

Do you like shifters? (Let’s be real, who doesn’t like shifters?) Do you like kickass lady alphas and snarky dude alphas butting heads and bickering a ton? (Oh my stars and garters, those are my two favorite things of ever!)

Then Forged Alliances will TOTALLY be your cup of tea! Add it on Goodreads to read the blurb, and get the first updates on a release date and cover! Super excited to kick the Tribal Spirits series off with Loose Id!

Forged Alliances, book one of my shifter series, Tribal Spirits, is now under contract! Join the two snarkiest alphas on this side of the coast as they fight not only enemies but the gro

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New Philadelphia Coven Chronicles Release!

Rising for Autumn is OUT! Get your copy here!!!


Crisis and danger have become second nature for Alanna Carrington. After all, as the boss of the Philadelphia Coven, she’s responsible for upholding the laws amongst the supernatural. Which means when the Order of the Serpent rears its ugly head, this time with the most powerful necromancer this city’s ever seen, she’s the one person who can keep Philly safe. Ex-Order djinn and now ally, Samuel Karim, happens to be the best-suited guy to help. Except he’s also the first man who’s stoked her interest in far too long, and ever since she commandeered the lamp he’s tethered to for safekeeping, he also hates her guts.

As the Order gathers the necromancers of her city and sparks a dangerous alliance, she finds herself working with Samuel Karim more and more. Hatred turns to passion, and when he exhibits a strength and compassion that breaks through her ironclad defenses, she finds herself falling deeper despite the complications between them. Yet with her city under siege and their lives on the line, the sharp desire between them erupts into the temptation to break their own rules, before the Order of the Serpent robs them of the chance permanently.


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What’s on the Horizon for 2016?

As I slam the door in 2015’s face and offer a goodbye kiss, I’m already plotting for the new year.


The Iron Legacy- this is the young adult project born out of 2015’s hardships. It’s got the Celt mythology that’s in my blood, and the passion and determination that beats in my heart. Also, a smokin’ hot thief.

Night Awakens- Snark City over here! Naz and Darren are a fiery couple just brimming with sexual tension. Plus, I get to explore new creature creation with the nightshades!

Take to the Skies #3- More of Bea and the crew? Well, 2015 convinced me to spend a little more time with them, and besides, they’re just too damn fun to quit.

Potential Projects:

Scrying for Summer- depending on how things go, I may do a follow-up to Hunting for Spring. More Philly fun with characters you’re already familiar with.

Take to the Skies Novella-similar to Stolen Petals, I’m tempted to do a novella with a certain captain of a certain ship from book two.


Hunting for Spring- Kicking off the new year right with a big release for a story that I absolutely love! Plus, if this does well, I might just be inspired to do a sequel.

A Tale of Two Airships- currently in the hands of the most trusted of beta-readers, this will be edited and released by the end of the year.

TBA- I’m shopping a few projects right now, so who knows!


On the event front, I’m already booked in for quite a few. Folks can catch up with me at Wicked Faire, Steampunk World’s Fair, Fan Focus Events, Steampunk Unlimited, and perhaps a new steampunk event in Delaware come June!

I’ll be toting along the new copy of An Airship Named Desire, as well as Curiouser, but even cooler, I’ve figured a way to sell e-books directly at the event, so if there’s a book you’d like of mine, come chat! I promise I won’t sing too loud…

On an even cooler note, I’m going to be running Murder on the Airship Desire, a murder mystery tea party at Fan Focus!! Needless to say, I’m thrilled.

And on a more personal front, the theme of this year for me is ORGANIZE. I really want to get my life organized, and while this past year was a start with setting a writing schedule for myself, I’d like to expand that to different facets, and really maximize my writing time, while balancing social time, family, and health. Lofty task, sure, but I planted the seeds this year! Just need to help them flourish 😀

What are everyone else’s plans for the new year?


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Current State of the Author

Now that I’m in the thick of things with NaNoWriMo (and at 28k, I might add), I’ve got a LOT on my plate. Which I love of course, but I wouldn’t want to leave anyone confused as to what’s on the horizon. Or myself for that matter, because my brain’s on the fritz with all the rapid fire ideas bouncing around.

Currently submitting:

A Reflection of Ice: my dark fantasy novella that definitely gave me the creeps while writing it.

Currently prepping for re-release:

An Airship Named Desire: waiting on the new cover and finalizing the edits. Should be out before the year end.

Currently in edits with a publisher:

Hunting for Spring: Finalizing the content edits and will be moving onto the line ones soon! Can’t wait for this story to release : ) Super sexy urban fantasy story set in Philly!

Currently in edits with me:

The Tuatha De Danaan story: Yeah, I still haven’t come up with a title. My goal is to be finished the edits by the end of December, so I can start subbing it next year. I lerve this story so hard, and I’ve gotten a lot of love of the tough and gushing variety from by betas.

The Tale of Two Airships: This one’s going to simmer for awhile and I’m going to launch into the edits beginning of next year. I like to only be writing one story and editing one story at a time. Means I can devote proper attention to them.

Currently writing:

Night Awakens: Dark, dark, paranormal romance. While I’m used to writing snarky and bossy females, I have to admit, I tend to write them more like me, where they’re aggressive and macho in their flirting attempts. This girl knows what she wants sexually though and goes for it, even though the emotional end of things is all haywire. Dealing with a character who’s born in a race of mostly sociopaths, and she’s the odd ball out.

Anything sound exciting to you? If you want more details, I’d be happy to share snippets of all my new projects in the pipeline. As soon as any concrete dates are announced, they’ll be posted here, as well as my facebook page: Katherine McIntyre.

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Beyond Fairytales Spotlight: Taliaschild

Decadent Publishing’s Beyond Fairytales series takes fairytales from well known to the obscure and then cranks up the heat! The differing stories delve into many different sub-genres and styles of erotic romance, but all of them have a fairy tale feel as the authors meld the old stories into something new.

Today we’re featuring Taliaschild by Anastasia Vitsky


Six years after the mysterious talisman brought Queen Vina to Talia, it chooses a new owner in Sonna, a child of the streets. Unprotected by her amputee father and beaten by her mother for failing to bring home scraps for the family to eat, Sonna runs into the self-assured Kira, daughter and heir to Vina’s queendom.

Weary of endless rules and duties involved in training to become the future queen, Kira leaps at the chance to escape with a new friend. She places the priceless talisman around Sonna’s neck, but neither can remove the jewelry.

Alarmed at losing the talisman’s protection, Vina and Talia take drastic steps to protect the princess. In the process, the entire earth descends into chaos.

Five years later, nineteen-year-old Sonna forages for two-day-old fish heads while dodging street pimps. The talisman leads her to the mysterious Nicodemus, who offers one command:

Go to Kira. She needs you.

Baffled, Sonna embarks on her journey. What can a pauper offer a spoiled princess? Will the street girl end up surprising them all?

Sneak Peek into Taliaschild:

Against my chest, the talisman grows warm. It quivers, almost as if it is afraid. Or perhaps it creaks like an old, unused piece of machinery. I take out the metal to rub it clean with my spit, and the gems glow bright as the stars.

My child.

I jump backward, dropping the necklace. I’d throw it down the grate if I could remove the chain from around my neck. Sorcery! A necklace refusing to be removed spoke of magic, but I hoped it was benign. Is this a demon’s voice? Am I spawn of the devil?

I am not a demon, my child. I am one who loves you the way your mother does not.

I whimper. Demon or not, Mother will order an exorcism if anyone finds out. A little girl was possessed last year, and the shaman beat her with a wooden stick. Over and over, commanding the evil spirits to leave the child. I can face many things, but not the wrath of a demon chaser.

The one you love has locked her heart to you. You must find her, and you must remind her of the day you promised to love her.

Shaking from head to foot, I risk speaking out loud. “She never came back.”

That was not her doing. Do you still care for her?

Soft kisses, sweeter than any of the delicacies she fed me. The tingle of her touch, transporting me to a world in which my shame no longer mattered. Standing before her, scrubbed clean, and watching her eyes widen in surprise and longing.

Curling next to her side, trusting her. Believing when she told me to follow her. I would never be hungry again, she said.

She loves you.

No one ever loved me before.

She needs you. Find her.

Before I can think of a response, the gemstones fade to silver and the metal grows cold.

Find her. But how?

Purchase it at these vendors:

All Romance:­‐‑taliaschild-­‐‑1872960-­‐‑340.html


Barnes and Noble:­‐‑anastasia-­‐‑vitsky/1122540412?ean=2940150830059



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A New Chapter

August 17th, 2012 is a day that will firmly stick out in my mind, the day when An Airship Named Desire was released with Hazardous Press. However, as the press is slowing down and I am moving full steam ahead, I recently requested the rights back. Why? Because I’m going to write the sequel, and perhaps even more. It wasn’t until Stolen Petals came out this year that I realized how much I missed that universe and how badly I wanted to return.

So obviously, I’ll have to re-release An Airship Named Desire, but there’ll be good incentive to pick it up when it comes out. After all, the talented editor of Stolen Petals will be going through the work with her scalpel, and I’m in the process of lining up the talents of a phenomenal cover artist. Although I get this little twinge in my heart at the thought of An Airship Named Desire no longer being available on Amazon, it’s temporary, as I’ll hopefully re-release before the year’s end.

And 2016 will hold a whole new adventure for the cast of the Desire–I’m already 10,000 words in and the characters are all returning to me like I never left them.

I learned a lot from Bea, and I’m pulling a maneuver from her book–going with my gut and pulling the bold and daring move. After all, that’s what Aries do best. For now, I’ll leave you with a snippet from the new book:

“Well, let’s get going to the Rusty Scupper. We’ve got a client to meet with and potentially confront.” I grinned at the man Isabella had pinned. “You, as the luckiest of lads, get to be leverage.”