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Stolen Petals Tea

Not only will my novelette, Stolen Petals, release on April 24th, but the Solstice Brews tea themed after it will as well!


To represent my main character Viola Embrees, I blended an Irish Breakfast tea which would befit any classy soiree. The rose petals were added to accentuate her elegance, since the perfume of those flowers in a hot cuppa are distinctive. I also included juniper however, to represent her cool exterior. While juniper isn’t as frigid as a cool peppermint, blending with the rose, it adds a fruity note to the blend overall, creating one of my favorite cups!

Hope you get to enjoy a cup while reading the steamy novelette!

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Sneak Peek of Stolen Petals

Steamy steampunk? Rival bounty hunters?

What more could you want?

Here’s a sneak peek from my new novelette which will be released with Breathless Press soon!

While the run-down tavern, the Rusty Scupper, was the last place a lady should dally, the opportunity was too good to pass. She’d been on this bounty for months and couldn’t let this chance slip. Viola focused on the name. Should’ve recognized the scoundrel.

A smile curved her lips. No, she couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Under her alias, the Brass Violet, she’d maintained a healthy competition with most, but none as much as the Fox. Like his namesake, he snuck in and snatched her targets before she had the chance to nab them. He stole the pickings of others, especially hers, for his own entertainment. So why the peace offering? If he had information, he wouldn’t share it unless he needed something from her. Which meant this bounty was about to get interesting.

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Stolen Petals!

So, I wrote a steampunk romance novelette awhile back and was shopping for publishers–and I’m proud to say, it now has a home! Breathless Press will be publishing Stolen Petals in the new year!

If you like bounty hunters, weird gizmos, steampunk aesthetic, steamy sex, and sassy banter, this is the story for you!

“Who needs to sell a point when I’ve got what you want?” He ran the tip of his tongue over his teeth. Of all the insufferable men around, she was saddled with one of the worst.

“That all depends. If you aren’t offering anything enticing, then you needn’t try to sell your deficiencies. I’ll just walk away.” She fixed him with her gaze, insinuating her point.