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November 2015 Obsessions

Can we talk Nalini Singh for a second here? So, I stayed away for awhile–figured it wasn’t my cup of tea. After all, I tend to like more action to my books and I need to be in a certain mood to read some romances. But I’d heard about her for awhile and was curious so I checked the first book out.

Reaction? Not bad. Not amazing, but definitely a page turner for me. Then I read the second….got a little more interested. Now I wanted to read more. AAAANNNND then came the third book, which I refused to put down and devoured in a night. SO. DAMN. GOOD. I love when a book grips me like that and refuses to let go. Where am I now? Oh, yeah, currently through book seven. I’m tearing through this series like no tomorrow.

I’ll be honest, I *may* be finished the entire series before the end of the year. Not even sorry. I will say, it’s doing wonders for my paranormal romance inspiration, and since my current work-in-progress is said genre, I’m happy for the spark.

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October 2015 Obsessions

Now that certain shows have returned, I feel the need to acknowledge the awesome. One such show that my husband and I were enamored with last year is the Flash. Quality. Just, quality. I’m fairly certain I cried every episode. While I am notorious for crying at emotional scenes, I have to actually connect to the characters to induce said tears–so I’ve watched shows where characters die and I’m not fazed.

And another mention that has me in stitches is a newcomer: Scream Queens. This is cheesy and silly as shit, I’ll admit that from the start. But it makes me laugh, a lot. And that makes it worth watching for me. Also, I have to admit, it’s rather fun for October since it gets me in that Halloween spirit!

On the book front, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the latest Kate Daniels, Magic Shifts. My husband is amazing and picked it up for me, and I tore through it incredibly fast. Those books are near and dear to my heart, mostly due to the witty dialogue and character relationships. Every time I pick up a Kate Daniels book, it’s like a reunion with old friends. Love them dearly.

As far as other books I’ve been reading, I just ripped through Hampire by Lana Moon, as well as When Dark Falls by Pippa Jay–both were delightful reads.

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September 2015 Obsessions

This has been the month of Scifi TV. In preparation to spend more time with Airship, I revisited Firefly (though I like to do that once a year anyway. The show is near and dear to my heart.) And of course I fell in love with it all over again and was crushed when there were no more episodes as I am every time.

So I was still in a sci-fi mood and I like to turn on the TV while I’m blending tea. After all, my hands are occupied but my brain isn’t, and it’s not like I can turn the pages of a book while said hands are occupied. So I usually choose a show and run with it.

The shows I chose this month were Stargate Atlantis and Farscape. I had been hearing great things about both for forever and a half and figured it was time to give them a shot. Of course, I did Stargate entirely backwards. I watched SGU first, now I’m watching Atlantis and eventually I’ll go back to the first one 😛

Character-wise, I LOVE Weir and Sheppard.

John’s a total hothead and I really like that about his character, as well as the moral fiber.

Meanwhile Weir is like Commander Shepard from Mass Effect incarnate–level headed and completely badass.

As for Farscape, while John Crichton’s not my type, I’m obsessed with Claudia Black. The Dragon Age geek in me is thrilled every time she opens her mouth, and she has the same cold, caustic personality as Morrigan too!

What’s the bonus of this influx of sci-fi? More examples of strong, badass women to integrate into my stories. If I could have any trademark as an author, I’d love to be known for representing my gender well!

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July 2015 Obsessions

Here’s what’s driving my inspiration train in July.

Parks and Rec continues to be my stalwart companion during my ups and downs. Leslie’s journey has comforted me through my own, and whenever I get upset, or reach a hurdle, her infectious enthusiasm really jives with the ENFJ with me.

A short new show really tapped into my inspiration recently too. Another fantastic Netflix Original show: Scrotal Recall. Weird name, right? But it was a wonderful British slice of life mini-series that I adored. The love story throughout it really spoke to me, and I got inspired to reconfigure one of my old stories, or find some way to do that soulmates who keep getting their timing wrong trope.

Another one I watched in entirety was Witches of East End. I’ll be honest, the plot and acting aren’t spectacular. It was more of a show I put on while doing marketing work, etc. Why? Because Daniel Di Tomasso is spectacular eye candy.

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June 2015 Obsessions

Not sure if these things work themselves into my writing, but I would guess I’m influenced by what I read and watch.

First off, I just finished the Immortal Crown, book two in the Age of X series by Richelle Mead. I have to say: I love, love, love how she does characters. This book had it’s dips–I do think the plot slowed down a lot midway through, but the end left me reeling in a sad/sick way and the twist was rough. Needless to say, it made me immediately want the next book…which isn’t out until next year.

And me and my husband delved into the world of Warehouse 13 recently. LOVE Claudia, I totally understand and love Myka’s neurotic tendencies, Pete’s adorable, and Artie is the sweetest.

We reached the end of season 3, and now I’ve been listening to this song on repeat:

Anyone who’s seen the show can commiserate to the level of feels I have every time I listen to it.

And in movies, most recently I saw JURASSIC WORLD. Which was thrillingly awesome. Best part about it–I hadn’t expected it to be. I went in blind, having only seen Jurassic Park, and years ago at that. Chris Pratt was astoundingly good, as was the way they shot the movie and wrote the characters. I’ll admit, I’m the first to get freaked by suspenseful parts of movies, and this one didn’t disappoint. I was clutching my seat through most of the film.

Anywho, while I’m not about to sneak dinosaurs into my young adult fantasy manuscript, maybe some of that suspense will work its way in : )