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Scrying for Summer Peeks!


OMG, this is one of my favorite lines from Scrying for Summer! I freaking adore Jev and Liam together!

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Glowing Reviews for Philly Coven Chronicles #1!

With Scrying for Summer coming out so soon, if you haven’t gotten a chance to check out the first book in the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles, here are all the reasons why you should be reading Hunting for Spring!

Hunters are a lonely breed, and Conor’s no exception–until he meets Brenna. Even though she slinks in unannounced and kills the wight he’s hunting down, and he should be backing carefully away, he can’t get her blinding smile or gorgeous curves off his mind. The girl’s a mystery he can’t resist, so since they’re both after the same caster who’s unleashing these monsters, he suggests teaming up. Despite her initial reluctance, Brenna joins Conor’s quest and soon the wights aren’t the only thing the lusty lady is hunting down.

He’s happy enough to satisfy her hungers, though he wishes she’d give him a few answers with her kisses. Soon enough he learns her secrets have repercussions. Faster than Conor can lift his Glock, he’s drawn into a web of kidnappings and Unseelie mischief, and it’s all concealing the machinations of a darker foe–one determined to bring Philly and the two hunters to ruin.

Coffee Time Romance says: “The writing is rich with character, and makes you lose sleep because you can’t put it down. Yes, I said you CAN’T put it down! I look forward to reading more of Katherine’s masterpieces.”

Happy Tails and Tales says: “I would love to see more from this world be created and it’s such a cool way the author created things. Overall a great paranormal romance with some excellent suspense and mystery and a fun adventure!

Romancing the Book says: “I once again found a new author. I have fallen in love with Ms. McIntyre’s world.”

Readers Review Blog says: “The romance is overall a sweet one, containing a sizzling love-making scene and oodles of sexual tension!”

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Weekly Word Count #59

Word Count: 6,308

What story I’m working on: Rising for Autumn, book three of the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles! (Finally picking up a bit of speed!)

What I’m editing/marketing: Editing Night Awakens and Captivating Melody (even though I was supposed to wait on all my beta-reader responses, I couldn’t wait!) As for marketing, I’m pushing full steam ahead with Scrying for Summer which comes out super soon!

Line of the week:

The closer she trudged down the path, the more familiar those tombstones became, glaring at her for trespassing on the forbidden ground. Even closer, the phantom scent of cloying incense invaded her senses, the same way it had that day as the priest shook in back and forth.