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Throwback Thursday Quotes

“She glanced outside at the sky, filled with clouds and smog. All the pollution, all that hell—even the stars didn’t stand a chance.”

–Poisoned Apple

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Audio Book Time!

Got the audio book galley in today for Poisoned Apple, which has been an absolute joy to listen to! Stay tuned for more news on that horizon…

audio Poisoned Apple

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News: Ringing in the New Year Right!

Already in 2015, I have two awesome things on the horizon, both involving the lovely Decadent Publishing:

1) Poisoned Apple will be available in an audio book at a future date. We’re going through auditions right now.

2) I just signed a contract with Decadent for my novella, A Soul Solution, part of their Beyond Fairytales series!!!

Looks like I’ll have no shortage of work this year–and I’m LOVING IT!

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Release Day: Poisoned Apple

Today’s the release day for Poisoned Apple, my latest novella with Decadent Publishing!


Snow White’s a goth and Prince Charming’s a jerk.

On Neve’s eighteenth birthday, her stepmother kicks her out. A group of diner rats offer her refuge—including Brendan, who offers his couch for her to crash on. But the more time she spends with him, the more he confuses her. One second, he’s kissing her. The next he’s pushing her away.

Believing her life has reached rock bottom, Neve struggles to ditch her “damaged girl” label. But when she uncovers the truth about her life, she’s rocked to her very foundation. Will Neve be able to hold on to the good things coming her way, or will her bad luck poison everything?

Get your copy HERE


Neve knew this day would come. She’d been dreading it the past year, wondering what would happen and, for the life of her, unable to hazard a guess as to where the future would take her. After spending the past weeks worrying and hours in front of her computer screen talking to Internet strangers who had given her little useful advice, she’d grown wearier each day. At last, it had arrived—her eighteenth birthday.

Tugging at the spiked collar around her neck, she stole a glance at the front door of the house she’d grown up in. The peach siding created a gorgeous contrast to the stucco walls and the dark-brown roof tiles—a fairytale house in a fairytale suburban neighborhood. She rolled her eyes. Too bad life had been anything but.

She’d never wanted any of this, but such was life. Her dad hadn’t asked when he’d ditched. No, he’d pranced out of the closet and ran off with his lover, leaving her with Veronica.

Her neck itched from too much sun. She’d been out here two hours, pacing around her cul-de-sac one hundred thirteen times since she’d returned from her shift at the café and, so far, had accomplished nothing. Her stomach clenched with the stark hollowness of what would happen the moment she walked through that door. Inside, Veronica would be waiting. As much as she hated confrontation and knew in her gut trouble was brewing, she’d have to deal with her stepmother at some point and was better off handling this mess without a bad case of sunburn. Neve let out a weary sigh then trekked up the paved walkway to her front door. Time to face the beast.

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Letter to Poisoned Apple

This is included in the book, at the very end–a love letter to the joy of rewriting–and getting it right this time.


Poisoned Apple holds a dear place in my heart, because I recreated it from the wreckage of one of my earliest manuscripts I wrote. My earliest works were my exploratory phase where I learned the basics, but trust me when I say, it wasn’t salvageable. I stripped the story down to the barest elements and rewrote everything, from characters to the ending. I wanted Neve to be goth with a bitter attitude and cynicism that stemmed from her bad past. And I changed Brendan around completely, from a sweetheart, to someone damaged as well, because I didn’t think Neve could relate to someone entirely good and whole considering how shattered she began and becomes through the story. The story that bloomed from that old manuscript became so intense for me and one I completely fell in love with. So, here’s to hoping you enjoy reading Poisoned Apple as much as I enjoyed writing it and to other writers out there: writing is never a waste—the important themes and stories will always find a way to surface.